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Francis Harold Fleming - Bothwell, Ontario's Forgotten Baritone

Francis Harold Fleming - Bothwell's Forgotten Baritone - Free Sheet Music This is the second in a series of locally obscure and old sheet music.  The first piece was written for Laura Hespeler, Jacob Hespeler’s daughter in 1864.  Lately I have been going through old sheet music again that has some connection locally. I make the sheet music a free download and thus bring musical history alive again. Francois Harold Fleming was born in Bothwell, Ontario, in 1882. He was the first to perform the Carl Majer composition Oh, Do Not Ask! Oh, Do Nor Weep! The music is copyrighted 1885.  It is thought that Francois Harold Fleming began performing the piece in the early 1900s. The front cover of the sheet music states, “Introduced by America’s Armless Baritone”. The photo of Mr. Fleming on the cover confirms this statement. The next mention in the media of Mr. Fleming is of a performance in Windsor, Ontario at the Windsor Theatre on April 16th, 1916. According to the Windsor Star, "T

Canadian author Paul Langan sets release dates for his 9 publications in 2023

Paul Langan 2023 Releases Canadian author Paul Langan has set the release dates for his 9 publications in 2023. His publications are available from Wordsworth Books, Waterloo, Ontario, AMAZON worldwide and from the author locally. January  The History of the Chantones Part 1 The early years 1954- 1957 Monorails in Magazines 1918 - 1917 March The History of the Chantones Part 2 Jack Scott and more success 1958-1961 April Hespeler - A sustainable community moving forward June The History of the Chantones Part 3 The folk years 1962-1976 September The Brothers-In-Law - 1963-1970 From Windsor Ontario October Idylwild - The Forgotten Paradise 1895-1919 November Hespeler's Hidden Secret - The Coombe Home - 1905-1947 December The Three Hotels of Preston, Ontario - The History of the Preston Springs, Kress and Sulphur Springs Hotels.

The Chantones 1954-1957 Booklet Released on Amazon Worldwide

  We are proud to announce that the first of three booklets on The Chantones has been released. The Chantones, were a Windsor, Ontario based group that had success has a quartet, trio and as backup vocalist to singer Jack Scott. The booklet has been developed in consultation with The Chantones members Jim Nantais and Jack Grenier. It covers the period of the band's early days from 1954 until the release of their hit record, Ann Marie at the end of 1957. The 44 page booklet is available in paperback format. It is available from Amazon worldwide. Future booklets will be: Part 2 The History of The Chantones - Jack Scott and more success - 1958-61. The final booklet will be Part 3 The History of The Chantones - The folk trio years 1962-76. For more information on this book or others by Paul Langan, he can be reached through his website, .

The Chantones 3 Booklet Series to Be Released in 2023

The Chantones  The Windsor, Ontario based quartet The Chantones were together from 1954-1976. They had a #1 hit on their own but were known mainly as the background vocalist for the legendary Jack Scott. The Chantones were on 18 of 19 singles that charted for Jack. The three booklets will follow different periods of The Chantones career. All three booklets feature interviews with The Chantone's Jack Grenier and Jim Nantais. Part 1 - The Early Years 1954-1957 (35 pages)  covers the quartet from their beginnings to the release of their #1 Canadian hit record "Ann Marie" should be out the end of January 2023.  The next booklet to come out will be, Part 2  The History of The Chantones -  Jack Scott and more success - 1958-61. The final booklet will be Part 3 The History of The Chantones - The folk trio years 1962-76. Keep checking this website for more details.

The History of Fisher Mills and Beaverdale Book Video Released

Paul Langan will be releasing on June 1st, 2022 his latest local history book titled, "The History of Fisher Mills and Beaverdale, Ontario". He has put together a promotional video for the book. You can view it below. Feel free to visit his Youtube Channel.  

Saving Hespeler from Extinction - A Citizens' Guide to Protect our Built Heritage

  Paul Langan will be releasing, on September 1st, 2022, a free download pamphlet "Saving Hespeler from Extinction - A Citizens' Guide to Protect our Built Heritage" . It can be used by the public in any communities concerned about losing their built heritage. Preservation of our heritage buildings is needed more than ever in Ontario. Recent demolition of historically significant buildings in Hespeler highlight the need for action to be taken to protect the remaining buildings. This pamphlet will give the public a guide that they can use to fight back against the future destruction of our built heritage.

FREE 1918 Stamped and Enamelled Ware Catalogue - Hespeler, Ontario

  If you moved to Hespeler in the last twenty five years or so you remember the Stamped and Enamelled Ware Company Ltd on Guelph Avenue as the American Standard plant . It used to make bathtubs at the plant.  If you moved here recently, 80% of the Stamped Enamelled Plant and historic Hespeler Grist Mill has been wiped out. One building was saved and turned into condos and one new apartment building was built. The Stamped and Enamelled Ware Company has a very rich history. The catalogue has lots of interesting pots, pans, etc. that were made there. This publication is in the public domain. I tried to improve the quality of it. I hope everyone will enjoy seeing what one factory in Hespeler used to make. Click HERE for the 1918 catalogue. Feel free to share this post with friends. The Stamped and Enamelled Ware Plant, Hespeler, Ontario

Canoeing on the Mill Pond, Speed River, Hespeler, Ontario, March 25, 2020

A great healthy activity for the whole family. We did not have much of a winter so the pond is already shallow. Stay along the outside of the pond and enjoy the beauty. Parking at lot at the end of Spring Street. The dock may or may not be in. Does not matter you can enter your canoe in at Little Riverside Park, which starts at the end of Spring Street. Simply beautiful. Dylan and Paul Langan