The Langan Home in Bright's Grove was the Oldest in Lambton County and Built by Descendants of First Commune in Canada

Langan Bright's Grove Ontario
The Pines, The Langan home in Bright's Grove formerly The Westwood Home.

The Langan Family Home in Bright's Grove

This house of my grandfather, John Langan in Bright's Grove, Ontario was a place a many happy memories for my family and the other three sons of John Langan and their families. Sadly, when John passed the brothers (Fran, Raymond, Gerard and Leo) could not agree on whether to keep it or sell it and the house was allowed to fall into disrepair.

It was located between Jones and Park Streets.

They sold the house and property to G&L developers. The developer had it torn down in the mid 1970s; The resulting subdivision is where most Bright's Grove residents now live.

Langan house Bright's Grove Ontario
Playing baseball at the Langan house in 1934

There were some at the time in Bright's Grove that wanted to save it for its heritage connection to the area. That connection to the history of the community was significant. 

Built by Descendants of Henry Jones

It was at the time, the oldest house in Lambton County. It was the Westwood House, built in 1842. The house was built by the descendants of Henry Jones, the first settler to Sarnia township. That settler, along with others were the disciples of Welsh communalist Robert Owen. The settlement was the first commune in Canada. It is worth looking up the name Robert Owen to learn more about him. There is a plaque in Bright's Grove commemorating this settlement.

The Langan house Bright's Grove
The Langan Family Reunion Bright's Grove in the 1920s

I wish my dad and his brothers could have worked things out to save the property and house but it was not to be. Most developers then and today have little regard for heritage properties.

I do wonder after my cousins and I pass on if anyone will know the story of this part of Bright's Grove early history. 


  1. Loved seeing this beautiful house again. Photographs are priceless.

  2. We bought our 1st house at 1945 Pine St, in June, 1970. That home was diagonally across the street from us. We were still in 1945 Pine when the Langan home was demolished. It was an unusually built home. Bottom floor was brick veneer on the outside wall as well as the inside wall, with mud and straw in between. The window sills were solid walnut. Walnut trim, doors etc throughout. Amazing home.!!


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