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GO Trains to Cambridge - Solving the 40-year Debacle

  I moved to the City of Cambridge in the mid 1990s and was aware of the hard work that the late Lee Palvetzian and others had been doing for years as they fought for GO Rail to become a reality here. Years later, I was given all the documents that Lee had used to try and convince politicians and bureaucrats that Cambridge should have GO train service. So much work put forth with no results. Fast forward to 2023 the nothing has changed.     Forty years after the original advocacy for GO Rail service began in the City of Cambridge, we are no further ahead in 2023 than we were then.     There is plenty of blame to go around for this debacle. Countless municipal, regional, provincial and federal politicians, from all political parties, have come and gone with the same negative result. Some bothered to ‘talk the talk’ about the need for GO trains, some did not even bother with that token gesture.   Past and present bureaucrats from all levels dealing with this issue

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