Vera Causa Opera to Perform The Elixir of Love in Cambridge, Guelph and Waterloo

Vera Causa Opera to Perform The Elixir of Love in Cambridge, Guelph and Waterloo

Gaetano Donizetti’s “The Elixir of Love” will be performed by Vera Causa Opera on April 5th, 6th, 7th, 2019 Media Release (03/26/19)- Vera Causa Opera (VCO) is proud to announce their performance dates for The Elixir of Love.

VCO is an innovative opera company in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. VCO reinstates opera as an accessible and communicative medium through the adaptation of old operas and the composition of new ones. VCO is a registered charity formed in 2015.

Gaetano Donizetti wrote countless operas, and many of them stand as cornerstones of early 19th century opera. Perhaps the most well-loved of all his operas is L'elisir d'amore, or, The Elixir of Love, which premiered in 1832.

Shows take place:

  • April 5th - CAMBRIDGE - Cambridge Centre for the Arts - 7pm
  • April 6th - WATERLOO - , Knox Presbyterian Church in Waterloo -7pm
  • April 7th - GUELPH - Harcourt Memorial United Church - 2pm

Artistic Director Dylan Langan says:“Elixir of Love is no doubt going to be a riot onstage. Singers and orchestra members have been frequently bursting into laughter during rehearsal. The audience is really going to enjoy this show.”

Tickets are only $15.00 and available at Ticket sales are limited due to size of venues, so buying tickets in advance are recommended.

For more information, contact Dylan Langan, Artistic Director at 519-277-9277, or by visiting

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Hespeler Furniture Made Radio Cabinets

The Hespeler furniture factory building is still standing but the company has not been in business since the 1970s. Known for its beautiful furniture that was made there. (more on that in a future post).

Rogers Majestic Radio Model 8M1092
What many do not know is that the Rogers Majestic Company in Toronto, who made early radios, used Hespeler Furniture cabinets to hold their radios.

 The radio to the left is a 1930s Rogers Majestic Radio Model 8M1092. It has several shortwave bands and AM.
The cabinet from the Hespeler Furniture Factory Model No. 8106.

Now not all Rogers Majestic Radios had Hespeler made cabinets. For example Knechtel Furniture Co. Ltd. Hanover, ON also made cabinets for Rogers.

It gets even more confusing considering another radio company DeForest-Crosley made similar models.

How to tell if the cabinet is made in Hespeler

Hespeler Furniture Company tag found on furniture and radio cabinets

But if you are looking at the backs, look for an identifying factors.

There were different types of marking made by the Hespeler Furniture Company on their products.This metal tag was one one radio cabinet is an example.

Another Rogers Majestic Company Radio with a Hespeler Cabinet


Rogers 12-126 "Teledial" model with Hespeler made cabinet

This is the Rogers 12-126 "Teledial" model. For all you vintage radio buffs here are the specifics.

This model is equipped with automatic tuning. The RT_neon is a voltage regulator tube. The 6X6 is a tuning indicator tube. The second 6F7M tube is used as a phase inverter. The radio has a telephone dial and an illuminated glass slide rule rolling pin dial window.

So check your old radios and see if the cabinets were made in Hespeler and send me a photo!

Why Not High Speed Trains In Canada?

Portugal and Spain High Speed Rail
There is no real justification why Canada is  over a half a century behind the rest of the modern world in not having high speed rail.

Old arguments such as, we do not have enough population to support high speed trains, have long been debunked.

 I took these photos of high speed trains in Portugal and Spain last September. The trains in Portugal are definitely on the low end of high speed rail just going over 200km/h. The Spanish high speed trains travel up to around 300 km/h. 

Canadians deserve better.

Overcrowding at Silverheights Public School Reaches Crisis Point if New Hespeler Subdivisions Approved

Silverheights School Capacity of 637 students could reach 800 due to uncontrolled growth in Hespeler.

Greedy developers are quick to build and the City of Cambridge are quick to approve new subdivisions in Hespeler regardless of the consequences.

The Waterloo Region District School Board will approve the creation of  Development Area for the elementary panel for the area known as 151 & 171 Guelph Avenue (30T-18103), City of Cambridge, as shown on Appendix B map below.

WRDSB map Forbes Estate Subdivision
That is in response to current and future enrolment pressure being experienced at Silverheights Public School.

In the City of Cambridge a new infill development (151 & 171 Guelph Avenue) has been proposed within the attendance area for Silverheights Public School. This development is expected to contain approximately 210 single detached and townhome units. 
Also within the Silverheights Public School attendance area, a new mixed-use development is proposed at the corner of Hespeler and Maple Grove Roads.  This development is expected to contain between 296 and 951 residential units (mostly apartment units)

Silverheights Public School has a current enrolment of 740 students, and a school capacity of 637 pupil places.  The school currently utilizes 10 portables. Projections indicate that should these developments be accommodated at Silverheights Public School enrolment could increase to over 800 students by 2028.
The facts are clear Silverheights School is already overcrowded and these subdivisions are being pushed through without any concern for the well being of the children who attend there.

Ghost Train Arrives in Guelph Following Tragic Accident

Tragic Accident Involving Freight Train at Glen Christie

April 16th, 1956 - A ghost train steamed into Guelph station this morning - mute, white testimony to a serious accident at Glen Christie. Frederick Bond, Hespeler, driver of a tractor trailer is in critical condition in
South Waterloo Memorial Hospital Galt, following a collision with a passenger train this morning.
The accident happened at a private crossing owned by the Gypsum, Lime and Alabastine Company, Glen Christie.

The train involved was the 7:50 from Hespeler to Guelph. Hospital authorities reported that Bond suffered multiple serious injuries when he was thrown from the truck. Bond was alone in the tractor-trailer, was crossing the tracks in the plant driveway. The vehicle had ten tons of hydrated lime.

Investigating officers thought Bond must have been watching the blind spot in the truck and never even seen the train. They thought he was travelling “under 10mph”.

The crossing was in such a position that Bond would almost face the on coming train if he were looking forward. The fact that he missed seeing the train strengthened the police theory of looking behind.

CNR passenger train was made up of three cars, two of which were freight. There were no injuries to the occupants of thetrain. The tractor trailer was owned by Woods Transport and was engaged in trucking lime from the Glen Christie plant.

Police said the train hit the linkage between tractor and trailer and the impact burst lime bags. A cloud of white dust was thrown several hundred feet and almost entirely covered the train.

The truck parted in the middle, was left on two sides of the line. There was some damage to the locomotive pilot, but after minor repairs the train went on its way to Guelph. The train was in the charge of Engineer Stewart Lawless of Palmerston, and Conductor W. McCarter of Hamilton. The train was held up for a time, and then proceeded on to Guelph.

Bond lives at RR2 Hespeler. He is unmarried and has been driving with Wood’s Transport for about five years. Dr. F.W.R.Steward of Hespeler is attending to him. - Guelph Mercury 

High Speed Rail Canada Critical of VIA Rail $4 Billion Debacle

High Speed Rail Canada Critical of VIA Rail $4 Billion Debacle

High Speed Rail Canada founder Paul Langan has released an article titled, "Judgement Day for VIA Rail's $4 Billion Debacle." Media Release (03/07/2019) Cambridge, ON... High Speed Rail Canada is Canada's only advocacy group dedicated to promoting the modernization of passenger rail in Canada.

High Speed Rail Canada's mandate is to educate people on the benefits of modern passenger rail. They do it through their website , Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter @HSRCanada and public educational sessions.

Paul Langan,founder of High Speed Rail Canada has written an article critical of VIA Rail Canada and their plans to use $4 billion of taxpayers money for a plan that will result in trains travelling at 1975 era speeds through sparsely-populated areas on an abandoned Ontario-Quebec Railway line.

Mr. Langan states, "VIA Rail Canada keep many details of this plan hidden from the Canadian public. The plan is seriously flawed and the taxpayers need to let their Members of Parliament know this plan cannot be approved. Passenger rail service is in need of renewal in Canada. The plan by VIA Rail is regressive."

Read the article and the background material. CLICK HERE.

For more information on High Speed Rail Canada, go to their website or contact their founder Paul Langan at  or 226-505-7605.