How effective are your health and safety committee objectives?

It is no secret that one of the main ways to measure the effectiveness of your health and safety committee is to assess the quality of objectives they set and complete each year.

I have often heard it said that since the health and safety committee is meeting all the legislative requirements, they are working effectively. Certainly complying to the legislative requirements for health and safety committees is important. However, meeting occupational health and safety legislation is just a minimum requirement for measuring committee success and it does not measure how effective the committee is in the workplace.

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Is Your Workplace Inspection Checklist a Shopping List?

Throughout my career in health and safety I have promoted the idea of not necessarily adding new elements to your safety program but doing the existing elements effectively.

Workplace inspections are an essential, proactive part of an overall safety program that has been in place for decades.

Have you audited the effectiveness of your workplace inspection procedures (WPIs)? Do you have an audit tool that could measure WPI effectiveness? What critical points should be on the audit checklist? Click HERE to read the rest of the article.

Miracle In Preston - The Story of the Preston Springs Hotel

The Miracle in Preston - Story of Preston Springs Hotel. In 2000 I published this small booklet. At that time the Preston Springs Hotel was bought and considerable renovations were being done. Unfortunately the owners went bankrupt. CLICK HERE to read and download the book.