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Paul Langan Books

1. Pickup Author's house in Hespeler, Ontario. Use Contact form on this website. Cash only. 
2. WORDSWORTH BOOKS in Waterloo, Ontario carry all Paul Langan books in print.

Upcoming Releases 2023 - Hespeler's Hidden Secret - The Coombe Home - 1905-1947, The Four Artists of Hespeler - Panabaker, Brent, Rosenberger, Ellis.

Releases  Proposed for 2024 -  Orval Shaw - The Bandit of Skunk's Misery,  The Rise and Fall of Bombardier's JetTrain. 

The History of The Brothers-In- Law - 1963-1970 Windsor, Ontario, ISBN  978-1998829170, August 2nd, 2023
Windsor Ontario's The Brother-In-Law folk group performed from 1963 to 1970. The group originally consisted of police officers. Their first album sold over 240,000 copies. This booklet looks back at their career with interviews with original members Alec Somerville and Larry Reaume.

Idywild Park - The Forgotten Paradise - 1895-1919 -  June 29th, 2023, ISBN 978-1998829224

Idylwild Park was located between Preston and Hespeler, Ontario along the Galt, Preston, Hespeler Electric Railway line.It has been over a century since it was in operation, and there is no trace of its existence now. Yet, people are intrigued to learn more about it. This booklet, for the first time, collects all the information on Idylwild Park including photos, articles, postcards, interviews and maps. The rare 1896 railway map confirms the location of the park. Available in Colour and BW editions.

The History of The Chantones: Part 3- The folk trio years 1962-1976 - June, 2023, ISBN 978-1-998829-20-0 
A three-part series of booklets looking back at the career of Windsor, Ontario's legendary The Chantones. Part 3 - Cover the folk trios years of the group from 1962-1976. The group travelled to five countries in Europe to play in front of thousands of people. They appeared often on Robin Seymour's CKLW TV Show Teen Town and the group played extensively in Canada and the USA. The Chantones recorded 2 singles and album during these years.

The History of The Chantones: Part 2- Jack Scott and more success 1958-1961 - March 8th, 2023, ISBN 978-1998829125
A three-part series of booklets looking back at the career of Windsor, Ontario's legendary The Chantones. This booklet is Part 2 details the group recording with Jack Scott and their own records and extensive touring.

Hespeler - A sustainable community moving forward - April 2nd, 2023 ISBN 978-1-998829-16-3 
Uncontrolled growth is occurring in our community. Our environmental and heritage legislation has been weakened/eliminated by our provincial government. How can a community not only survive but thrive in this chaos?  This booklet gives our Hespeler community ideas for moving forward in a healthy and sustainable way. It also discusses some of the positive things going on now in the community.

Monorails in Magazines 1918-1971 - Jan. 23rd, 2023, ISBN 978-1-998829-11-8
This is an amazing collection of articles on monorails gleaned from European and North American magazines from 1918 to 1971. These were exciting times as many different scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs invented monorail systems. Some were built, some never came to fruition. Enjoy this look back into the fascinating history of monorails. Includes covers, articles, photos and references from twenty magazines.

The History of The Chantones: Part 1 - The early years 1954-1957 - Jan. 9th, 2023, ISBN 978-1998829088
A Three-part series of booklets looking back at the career of Windsor, Ontario's legendary The Chantones.This booklet is Part 1. The Early Years 1954-1957 covers the quartet from their beginnings to the release of their #1 Canadian hit record "Ann Marie". Features interviews with The Chantone's Jack Grenier and Jim Nantais.Future booklets will be: Part 2 The History of The Chantones - Jack Scott and more success - 1958-61 and the final booklet will be Part 3 The History of The Chantones - The folk trio years 1962-76.

The 1969 Tri-Mono-Trans (TMT) High-Speed Monorail Proposal - A historical document review Release Date December 24th, 2022. ISBN 978-1-998829-09-5.
In 1969, Lamartine Cavanaugh (Marty) Trent designed a high-speed rail monorail capable of going 300 mph (482 km/h). Marty was an engineer for the North American Rockwell Corporation.
It was originally designed as a toy for his daughters to play with. He patented the idea and his company seriously reviewed it as a public transportation system. Included are all the known documents, photos and patents related to the proposal.

The Canadian Brucellosis Incident Release Date December 15th,2022, ISBN 978-1-998829-02-6

 FEATURING: A thrilling short story by Paul Langan recounts an event based on his time working for the federal government. A freezer full of brucella cultures, left over from the 1940's - 50's biological weapons development in Canada, was shipped from Saskatoon to Lethbridge. What happened that night in 1995 has never been told until now. Names and some events have been changed.

The True Story of the 1899 Shipwreck of the “Scotsman” Release Date Nov 15th,2022, ISBN 998829-00-2

FEATURING: The “Scotsman” ocean liner slammed into Belle Isle off the northern coast of Newfoundland, September 22nd, 1899. This tragic shipwreck turned even more devastating as firemen on the crew, hired on as “scabs” in England, began a drunken rampage and robbed passengers of their belongings.Stranded in the harsh climate of Belle Isle, men, women and children fought to survive. In the end, 24 people lost their lives.

This harrowing tale is a classic in Canadian maritime history.Included are interviews with shipwreck survivors, newspaper accounts, rare photos and the official report related to the event.

VIA Rail Canada vs The Public - Release date, October 27th, 2022,  ISBN:978-1778128981 

FEATURING: VIA Rail Canada vs the Public: VIA Rail denied Canadians the right to buy the CANRAILPASS. A look back at this 1991 debacle. 116 pages, In 1991, a citizen was refused a VIA RAIL Canada "CANRAILPASS" because they were a Canadian citizen. Paul Langan and MP Herb Gray filed a complaint with the National Transportation Agency under the Railway Act that Canadians were being prejudiced against by VIA Rail Canada for prohibiting them from buying the pass.

Absurd as this sounds, VIA Rail Canada fought against offering the pass to Canadians and even went as far as fighting it, and losing, at the Federal Court of Appeal. Featured in the Book: The National Transportation Agency Decision, The National Transportation Agency Order, The National Transportation Agency Staff Report, The Federal Court of Appeal Decision and Newspaper Articles

The History of  Fisher Mills and Beaverdale, Ontario - Release date, Oct.2nd, 2022, ISBN 978-1-7778643-4-7. 

FEATURING: History of Fisher Mills, The mill, dam and pond, Edward Snyder & Snyder’s Potato Chips, The Hotels, Stager General Store and Blacksmith, Maple Grove School, Zion United and Wanner Mennonite Church, Squire Ellis, The Beaver Family, Ed Ratcliffe Historic homes still standing, Rare photos and maps and more!

Play and Coach Hockey Like 1959! - Release date, August 24th,2022, ISBN: 978-1-7781289-5-0 

FEATURING:  In 1959, The Royal Canadian Air Force released a series of booklets on hockey titled, Beginning Hockey, How to Play Better Hockey and Coach’s Manual. They included skill development, instruction and drills for the player and coach. These booklets are being reprinted in their entirety for the first time in half a century.  Go “old school” and read this book. Learn how hockey was played and taught in 1959. - Paul Langan

Alternatives Denied - The $100,000,000 Highway 7 Fiasco (2000) - REPRINT
Released, March 28th 2022, ISBN 978-1-7778643-6-1. 
The provincial government announced recently they would move forward with the plan to build a new Highway #7 between Kitchener and Guelph. A group of concerned citizens put together a book in 2000 about the fiasco. The project was stopped for two decades. The reprint of this book is a chilling reminder of  a flawed rationale to build a new highway.

Sabotage in Hespeler - (a short story) -Released 12/04/2021

FEATURING- WWI was raging and our Canadian boys were fighting and dying overseas. On February 3rd, 1916, our Parliament building in Ottawa burned to the ground under suspicious circumstances. On February 6th, 1916, the A.B. Jardine Munitions Factory in Hespeler, Ontario was destroyed by fire. Was the fire set by German spies? Paul Langan weaves a creative non-fiction short story based on the facts uncovered that fateful day in Hespeler. (3000 words)

Classic Hockey Stories from the Golden Era of Pulp Magazines - 1930s-1950s -Released 12/04/2021

FEATURING- Nine stories, novelettes, rink novels with a touch of Canadiana! Bonus two comics. Unique, rare and fun from writers who were making one cent a word to write them! Here is a REVIEW of the book.

The Authorized Winfield Brewster Hespeler History Collection -Released 11/10/2021

FEATURING - Rare photos, new photos, vintage ads, map, and the three Winfield Brewster small books from the 1950s combined into one book.

The Brewster books compiled are: Jacob Hespeler New Hope, C.W (1951), Hespeler Yarns (1953) and La rue de commerce - The Street of Business Queen Street, Hespeler Ontario (1954).Winfield Brewster wrote these publications in the 1950s but they deal with Bergeytown, New Hope and early Hespeler,

Most of the book covers the period of approximately 1830-1915, There are also two historical sections relating to the indigenous people who lived in this area also.

Tales of Opera Waterloo County/Region 1885-2021, Released: 09/23/2021

FEATURING Berlin, Scott's, Preston Opera Houses,Twin City Operatic Society 1948 Mabel Krug - Community Activist and Opera Supporter,Preston Operatic Society,Gilbert & Sullivan Society, Opera Singers from the Area, Wilfred Laurier University Opera,Kitchener-Waterloo Opera Guild,Kitchener Waterloo Oktoberfest Operettas,Raffi Armenian - Centre Opera Studio,Opera Ontario - K-W Opera,Kitchener Opera,Vera Causa Opera and much much more!

Guest writers - Leslie De’Ath and Dr. Ted Rhodes

Remembering Glen Christie,Released (05/01/2021) All Net Profits go to Haven House

FEATURING Christieville to Glen Christie history, Memories from the former Glen Christie residents, Memories from the former children of Glen Christie, Numerous photos and aerial map of Glen Christie.
Glen Christie was located north of Hespeler where the Highway 24 bends south of Kosseth Rd. With contributions by historian Marjorie Clark

REVIEWS- PSue - You’re always learning something from a book by Paul Langan. He has a keen interest in history.Well done

Tragedy in Galt, The May 2nd 1956 CP Rail Crash, Released (01/27/2021)

FEATURING Ronald Westworth Interview - Brakeman, William Hopkins Interview - Fireman,
Ken Shillington Memories - Brakeman, George Nutkins Interview - Engineer, The Accident and Inquest Recommendations, Len Mills Interview - Fireman at the crash scene, Eyewitness Reports from The Evening Reporter, New Photos, Here is link to great YOUTUBE video of the crash.

REVIEWS - Bob N. - The book was very well written and researched. I learned a lot about the background of the tragedy, and answered many questions I had a a young boy. It was a tragedy that has stuck in my mind for many years

Craig Y. - Excellent history of the tragic rail accident in Galt Ontario. Great read and memory of this event that I witnessed as a young boy.

Forgotten Monorails of Canada, Released (01/15/2021)

The definitive history of monorails built and proposed in Canada. Fascinating national history on monorails in Canada. Over 200 references. 132 pages, 55 images, 6"v9". b/w .

REVIEWS-  Kevin F. - It's a wonderful book, and I own it in both paperback and digital. It literally makes a great stocking stuffer! (just get a bigger stocking!)

David S. - I've got a copy and if you haven't read it, I think y'all ought to pick on up. It's well researched and a good read.


Forgotten History of the Railway - Hespeler, Preston, Galt, and area. Tentative release date, Unknown Release date in 2023,. A collection of historical articles on railway related topics in and around Galt, Preston and Hespeler, Ontario. ISBN - 978-1-7778643-5-4. 

FEATURING: Heritage Evaluation of the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Hespeler Railway Stations, Cambridge Ontario, When Fisher Mills had Rails, Rail to Idylwild Park, Last Passenger Train to Hespeler, Highlights of the Royal Visit Thursday, July 2, 1959, Galt, Preston, Hespeler, 1919 Branchton and 1918 Hespeler Grand Trunk Rail Crashes, The Preston Car & Coach Company, Three Generations of Todds Served as Railway Presidents, Brief History of the Electric Railways of Galt, Preston and Hespeler and more!

Paul Langan's Out of Print Publications - 1999-2021

Paul Langan Author

1. Hespeler's Hidden Secret: the Coombe Orphanage, 1905-1947, ISBN-10 - 0968586724 (ISBN13:9780968586723) published in 2000. 31 pages

2. The Miracle in Preston: The Story of the Preston Springs Hotel, ISBN-10 0968586732 (ISBN13: 9780968586730) published in 2000. 26 pages

3.Forgotten Stories of the Railway, ISBN - 0-9685867-5-9, published in 2002.  26 pages

4. Railways of Cambridge 1999 Calendar, published in 1999.

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Understanding the historical significance of the Hespeler bandshell and our fallen soldiers

Hespeler plaques rededication ceremony, June 24th, 1967, Forbes Park Bandshell   A recent article in the Cambridge Times on April 22nd, 2023 titled, What's going on here , stated that the Cambridge’s Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC) narrowly voted 4-3 to approve staff's recommendation. The Ontario Heritage Act, properties are designated as whole parcels, at the MHAC meeting, city staff recommended that all of Forbes Park, be designated. So what were the heritage features proposed to be protected by the heritage designation of the property? They included the wooden bandstand, and the concrete bridge. Here is LINK to full  Planning/Heritage City heritage report. It will now be presented to the City of Cambridge council for heritage designation at an upcoming council meeting.  To educate people on the historical significance of the bandshell and the memorial to our fallen soldiers, here is some information. The numbers of soldiers that died from Hespeler are: WWI - 65

The Chantones 1954-1957 Booklet Released on Amazon Worldwide

  We are proud to announce that the first of three booklets on The Chantones has been released. The Chantones, were a Windsor, Ontario based group that had success has a quartet, trio and as backup vocalist to singer Jack Scott. The booklet has been developed in consultation with The Chantones members Jim Nantais and Jack Grenier. It covers the period of the band's early days from 1954 until the release of their hit record, Ann Marie at the end of 1957. The 44 page booklet is available in paperback format. It is available from Amazon worldwide. Future booklets will be: Part 2 The History of The Chantones - Jack Scott and more success - 1958-61. The final booklet will be Part 3 The History of The Chantones - The folk trio years 1962-76. For more information on this book or others by Paul Langan, he can be reached through his website, .

Music for Laura Hespeler performed for the first time in 159 years

Midnight Galop for Miss Laura Hespeler The immense impact that Jacob Hespeler had on the development of the community of Hespeler, Ontario cannot be understated. I compiled 500 page book based on Winfield Brewster's writings, "Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection". The book goes into great detail of Jacob's accomplishments. Much less is known about his children. Ellonora "Laura" Hespeler, his daughter, was born in 1847 in Preston, Ontario. By 1861 she was living in Hespeler, Ontario. In 1868 she married John Walker from London, Ontario at Jacob Hespeler’s house in town. They had no children and her husband died in 1889. Music Written for Miss Laura Hespeler Prior to her being married, a piece of music was written for Laura in 1864. It was written by Geo. C. Pettit. I have been unable to find information on Mr. Pettit. Laura would have been 17 at the time. The song for piano is titled, “Midnight Galop”.  The sheet music was published