The 1969 Tri-Mono-Trans (TMT) High-Speed Monorail Proposal Booklet Released

The 1969 Tri-Mono-Trans (TMT) High-Speed Monorail Proposal

In 1969, Californian Lamartine Cavanaugh (Marty) Trent designed a high-speed rail monorail capable of going 300 mph (482 km/h). Marty was an engineer for the North American Rockwell Corporation. 

It was originally designed as a toy for his daughters to play with.

He patented the idea and his company seriously reviewed it as a public transportation system. For the first time ever, all the known documents, photos and patents related to the proposal have been put together in a 35 page booklet.

Available December 22nd, 2022 worldwide at Amazon in paperback format. It is available at Rakuten/Kobo, and Google Books as an e-book. Locally it is available from the author or Wordsworth Books, Waterloo, Ontario Canada.


  1. Good golly.... how do you publish so quickly, and with such expertise? I am gobstopped. I admire your promotional video for the shipwreck book... am fascinated!


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