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The 1969 Tri-Mono-Trans (TMT) High-Speed Monorail Proposal Booklet Released

In 1969, Californian Lamartine Cavanaugh (Marty) Trent designed a high-speed rail monorail capable of going 300 mph (482 km/h). Marty was an engineer for the North American Rockwell Corporation.  It was originally designed as a toy for his daughters to play with. He patented the idea and his company seriously reviewed it as a public transportation system. For the first time ever, all the known documents, photos and patents related to the proposal have been put together in a 35 page booklet. Available December 22nd, 2022 worldwide at Amazon in paperback format. It is available at Rakuten/Kobo, and Google Books as an e-book. Locally it is available from the author or Wordsworth Books, Waterloo, Ontario Canada.

Monorail Inc 1956 Trailblazer Monorail, Test Track Video at Arrowhead Park, Houston Texas

Muriel Goodell, Father of the Modern Monorail in North America Test Track 1956 "Industry on Parade" Is a newsreel segment on the Houston Arrowhead Park demonstration monorail by Monorail Inc. The monorail was called the Trailblazer. President of Monorail Inc was Muriel Goodell, is considered the father of the modern monorail in North America. This monorail was built and operating three years before the Disney monorail built by Alweg started to run.