Sundown in Bergeytown Short Story Released by Paul Langan in Paperback and Audiobook.


Sundown in Bergeytown Paul Langan, Phillip Morgan
In 1955 Phillip Morgan was one of many writers publishing Western themed, short stories in the various pulp magazines in Canada and the USA from the 1930s through the 1950s. One of his short stories published in the pulps was titled "Noon Tomorrow".

Always fascinated by the genre and the pulp magazine format, Paul Langan has adapted Phillip's short story . He has changed the story setting to Bergeytown, Ontario. Bergeytown, became, New Hope, then Hespeler, and is now part of the City of Cambridge. The short story is titled, "Sundown in Bergeytown".

Paul Langan writes, "It is no secret that I am a big fan of short stories, novelettes from the pulp era. Adapting this short story was fun. It also helps me in my goal to eventually publish quality historical fiction short stories."

"Sundown in Bergeytown", the 20 page short story booklet is available at Amazon Worldwide for $6.00. in Canada, less in other territories. It is also available as a free audiobook from Google Play. Here is the LINK to listen to it.

For more information on Canadian author/historian Paul Langan publications visit this LINK.


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