Why the book "Murder at the Big Point Hunt Club" is not available

Murder at Big Pointe Hunt Club Paul Langan

Periodically, I get emails asking about one of the books I released in 2021 about the Murder at the Big Pointe Hunt Club and why it is not available. Here is the story.

I first read about the murders at the Big Point Hunt Club in Grande Pointe, Ontario when living in Windsor 40 years ago. A history buff back then I kept folders of interesting stories and I collected the articles related to this event.

The murderer Richard Goodwin killed his friends Pete and Rose Pinsonneault along with William Land.

In 2021, I was going through the folders in my filing cabinets and thought this would be an interesting compilation book. Living in Cambridge now, I noticed this tragic murder had a strong local collection.

One of those killed, William (Bill) Land was known locally in Hespeler, through his marriage to Betty Forbes. Alex Forbes, Betty's father, was one of the owners of the Hunt Club. Richard Goodwin, previously worked for the town of Preston.

So I collected all the newspaper clippings and some court documents available and compiled them into a book titled, "Murder at the Big Pointe Hunt Club, November 8th, 1983, Dover Township."

Within 24hours of the book going live for sale on Amazon I heard second hand information that some local people down Chatham way were upset with the book for bringing up these murders. I had thought after 40 yrs that enough time had passed and the story could be retold, but evidently I was wrong.

The purpose of my historical publications is not to upset anyone, therefore I pulled the book out of circulation and will not be available for awhile.  I did learn a lesson in retelling history through this experience.

I have written over 10 books since that time with no issues. I do look at my possible topics for books more critically. I have refused to move forward on a few topics in the last couple years due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter.


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