John "Jack" Langan - Ireland's Legendary Pugilist Book in Final Stages

John Jack Langan, pugilist

John "Jack" Langan Book Being Edited

We are happy to announce that Paul Langan's latest book titled, "John Jack" Langan - The Legendary Irish Pugilist, has been sent to the editor for final review. The editor is backed up so it will not come back from editing until probably first week of March. It is hoped to have it out no later than the first week of April on Amazon Ireland.

John “Jack” Langan was born during the firestorm of insurrection on May 18th, 1798, at Clondalkin, in the County Clare, Ireland.

For the first time, Paul Langan has compiled a book on Ireland’s fabled pugilist.

The book covers his early years. The two epic 74 and 76-round battles with England champion Tom Spring are discussed in significant detail. The book then follows Langan’s retirement in Liverpool as a publican and brewery owner until his death. Keep up with latest information on this book or other Paul Langan by visiting his website, or Facebook Author page.


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