Paul Langan Releases - Idylwild Park - The Forgotten Paradise 1895-1919 Booklet

Idylwild Park by Paul Langan

Canadian author/historian, Paul Langan releases his 17th publication, Idylwild Park -The Forgotten Paradise 1895-1919.

For immediate release…..Cambridge, ON...July 20th, 2023. Paul Langan will be releasing his newest book Idylwild Park -The Forgotten Paradise 1895-1919.

Paul Langan states, “ This park was once located between Hespeler and Preston Ontario. For the first time in over a century all the information available on Idylwild Park has been put together in a booklet. It includes rare maps, postcards, photos and the exact area where Idylwild was. I am happy to bring this forgotten paradise back into the public consciousness. ”

Print copies are available at:
The booklet is 69 pages, 6"v9" format in paperback and ebook formats. The paperback edition comes out in two editions. One is full colour, the other was a different cover is black and white.

You can also learn about Paul’s other books or contact him through his website at or contact him at .


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