The Canadian Brucellosis Incident: September 14th, 1995 - Seven Persons Alberta Short Story Released

The Canadian Brucellosis Incident by Paul Langan
 News Editor...12/13/2022... For immediate Release.. Author Paul Langan has released his 11th publication, a short story titled, "The Canadian Brucellosis Incident - September. 14th, 1995, Seven Persons Alberta."


A thrilling short story by Paul Langan. He recounts an event based on his time working for the federal government in Canada. A freezer full of brucella cultures, left over from the 1940s - 50s biological weapons development in Canada, was shipped from Saskatoon to Lethbridge. What happened that night in 1995 has never been told until now.


MEDIA - A pdf version of short story is available to media interested in doing a story on it. Respond back via email. PUBLIC - The short story is available for $6.95 on Amazon worldwide.


Paul Langan can be reached at via this email address , phone 226-505-7605. To review Paul Langan's previous books go to:


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