VIA Rail Canada vs The Public - A new book about the 1991 CANRAILPASS debacle

VIA Rail Canada vs The Public Book


In 1991, a citizen was refused a VIA RAIL Canada "CANRAILPASS" because they were a Canadian citizen. 

Paul Langan and MP Herb Gray filed a complaint with the National Transportation Agency under the Railway Act that Canadians were being prejudiced against by VIA Rail Canada for prohibiting them from buying the pass.

Absurd as this sounds, VIA Rail Canada fought against offering the pass to Canadians and even went as far as fighting it, and losing, at the Federal Court of Appeal.

Featured in the Book:

  • The National Transportation Agency Decision
  • The National Transportation Agency Order
  • The National Transportation Agency Staff Report
  • The Federal Court of Appeal Decision
  • Newspaper Articles

Available at Wordsworth Books, Waterloo, Ontario and AMAZON worldwide

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