Play and Coach Hockey Like 1959 Book Released by Paul Langan

Play and Coach Hockey Like 1959

Paul Langan releases his 10th book, Play and Coach Hockey Like 1959!

For immediate release…..Cambridge, ON...August 29th,2022…. Paul Langan has released a book that features 3 booklets on how to play and coach hockey that were originally released in 1959.

In 1959, The Royal Canadian Air Force released a series of booklets on hockey titled, Beginning Hockey, How to Play Better Hockey and Coach’s Manual.

They included skill development, instruction and drills for the player and coach. These booklets are being reprinted in their entirety for the first time in half a century.

Like his 2021 release, Classic Hockey Stories - From the Golden Era of Pulp Magazines 1930s-1950s, Paul Langan is reviving and saving a part of our cultural hockey identity.

Paul Langan states, “ I was given one of these publications by my dad in 1967 when I was playing hockey. It was amazing to look at the content through today’s lens about how hockey was taught and played in 1959 and now? Yes some things have changed dramatically, yet many of the drills are still done today. Go “old school” and read this book. You will not be disappointed.”

It is 200 pages, 6"v9" format in paperback and ebook formats. .

Print copies available in the Waterloo Region at Wordsworth Book, 96, King Street South, Waterloo, ON.

It is available worldwide on Amazon, Kobo, Draft to Digital and Google Play Books.

People in Cambridge,Ontario,Canada can obtain signed copies of the book from the author’s residence by contacting him through his website. You can also learn about Paul’s other books or contact him through his website at .


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