Dolores Carroll - Windsor's forgotten superstar vocalist

Dolores Carroll

Who Was Dolores Carroll?

Imagine you were a leading female vocalist in the 1950s from Windsor and you record a single with the legendary Four Tops providing backing vocals and the legendary Maurice King and his Wolverines band also on it. Say hello to Dolores Carroll.

Sadly many Windsor music fans don't even know she existed.

From the mid 1950s til around 1961 Dolores was a fixture in Windsor entertainment rooms, headlining the Kilarney, Thomas Inn and Elbow Rooms.

In 1955, she signed with a new label out of New York City, Chateau Records, and recorded the single - “I Just Can't Keep the Tears from Tumblin Down/Everyday Knows. It featured a very young Four Tops and the more established Detroit group Maurice King and his Wolverines.

I could not find the rockin “I Just Can't Keep the Tears from Tumblin Down” side on the internet to listen to by Dolores but thankfully you can listen to Everybody Knows on youtube. Here is the link.


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