Paul Langan's "Sabotage in Hespeler" Short Story Released as an Audiobook


Sabotage in Hespeler Audiobook by Paul Langan
Sabotage in Hespeler Audiobook Short Story by Paul Langan

WWI was raging and our Canadian boys were fighting and dying overseas. On February 3rd, 1916, our Parliament building in Ottawa burned to the ground under suspicious circumstances. On February 6th, 1916, the A.B. Jardine Munitions Factory in Hespeler, Ontario was destroyed by fire. Was the fire set by German spies?

Paul Langan weaves a creative non-fiction short story based on the facts uncovered that fateful day in Hespeler. For the first time available in an AUDIOBOOK format for just $2.33 from Google. Click on this LINK to order. 


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