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Paul Langan's Tales of Opera Waterloo County/Region 1885-2020 Book Released Today


Paul Langan releases his 8th history book, Tales of Opera - Waterloo County/Region 1885-2020 in e-book and print format.

For immediate release…..Cambridge, ON...September 23rd, 2021….  Paul Langan has released a book that captures over 100 years of opera history in the Waterloo Region.


Tales of Opera - Waterloo County/Region 1885-2020 is the definitive history of opera in the Waterloo Region/County. 269 pages, over 90 images, 6"v9" format. 


Print copies available exclusively in the Waterloo Region at Wordsworth Books 96, King Street South, Waterloo, ON. It is available worldwide on Amazon and Kobo.


Guest writers include Dr. Ted Rhodes and Lesle De’Ath.

Paul Langan states, “ The rich history of opera in the Waterloo Region over the last century had not been captured before. For local history lovers this is a must to have in your collection. As one reviewer stated, “It is easy to read and informative.” “

For more information on Paul Langan’s books go to: or contact him through the website or at 226-505-7605


Paul’s next book due out November 7th, 2021 is titled, “Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection.”

Some of the Book Chapters include:

  • Beginnings of Opera in Waterloo County

  • Berlin Opera House 1986 - 1924

  • Scott’s Opera House 1899 - 1928

  • Preston Opera House

  • 1914 - Bulbul Operetta - Waterloo

  • Opera in the 1930s

  • Edward Ransome and Kenneth Sakos

  • 1948 - 1964 Twin City Operatic Society

  • 1948 - 1970s Preston Opera Society

  • Mabel Krug

  • Gilbert & Sullivan Society 1959 and 1975

  • They Came from the Waterloo Region

  • Opera At Wilfrid Laurier University Jacqueline Richard, Centre Opera Studio, KW Opera Guild

  • Raffi Armenian and the Building of the Centre in the Square 

  • 1985 - 1997 - New York City Opera National Company Performances at Centre in the SquareViva Voci Concerts 1992 - 1999

  • Opera Ontario 1995 - 2007

  • Opera Kitchener

  • Vera Causa Opera 2015 - 2020


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