Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection Book

Winfield Brewster Book compiled by Paul Langan

 The definitive compilation book on the early history of Hespeler, Ontario. This is approved by the Brewster estate. These booklets have been faithfully digitalized to look excellent as a paperback or ebook. 

Added to the books are extremely rare photos, advertisements, maps and current photos of the buildings still in existence for reference purposes. 

Includes 2 chapters on the indigenous people. Written in the 1950s to let people then know the early origins of (Bergeytown, New Hope) Hespeler. (approx 1800-1910). 

The book includes the following Brewster booklets: J. Hespeler New Hope 1951, The Flood Gate 1952, Hespeler Yarns 1953, La rue de commerce 1954. Each copy purchased gets a free digital download of Brewster's Lot Six - In the Third of Waterloo, 1950. 

Due out in November 2021 if not sooner. Developers are wiping out our built history. This book preserves the memories.


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