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Canadian author Paul Langan sets release dates for his 9 publications in 2023

Paul Langan 2023 Releases Canadian author Paul Langan has set the release dates for his 9 publications in 2023. His publications are available from Wordsworth Books, Waterloo, Ontario, AMAZON worldwide and from the author locally. January  The History of the Chantones Part 1 The early years 1954- 1957 Monorails in Magazines 1918 - 1917 March The History of the Chantones Part 2 Jack Scott and more success 1958-1961 April Hespeler - A sustainable community moving forward June The History of the Chantones Part 3 The folk years 1962-1976 September The Brothers-In-Law - 1963-1970 From Windsor Ontario October Idylwild - The Forgotten Paradise 1895-1919 November Hespeler's Hidden Secret - The Coombe Home - 1905-1947 December The Three Hotels of Preston, Ontario - The History of the Preston Springs, Kress and Sulphur Springs Hotels.

Paul Langan Releases New Book - Monorails in Magazines 1918-1971

  The fascinating history of monorails in magazines from 1918 to 1971 is captured in this new book by author Paul Langan.  This is an amazing collection of articles on monorails gleaned from European and North American magazines from 1918 to 1971. These were exciting times as many different scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs invented monorail systems. Some were built, some never came to fruition. Enjoy this look back into the fascinating history of monorails. Includes covers, articles, photos and references from twenty magazines. It is available from Amazon worldwide in paperback. It is available as an e-book on Rakuten/Kobo, Google Books and Amazon. 

Forgotten Monorails of Canada by Paul Langan Paperback and E-Book Released

Forgotten Monorails of Canada Book Out Now! The definitive history of monorails in Canada from 1896 to 2020. Fascinating national history on monorails in Canada.  From Vancouver BC to Cavendish PEI, Canada has had 6 monorails that have been in operation in the past. Two monorails are still in operation.  What makes this book unique is it also reviews all the monorail proposals that have been pitched over the years and there has been a lot of them. Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal are some of the cities that had studies done looking at monorail as a possible transit system. Montreal alone has had over 15 studies that included monorails as a possible option. Did you know that demonstration lines were built in Fort Saskatchewan and Niagara Falls? Low-speed and High-speed monorails ideas have been pitched. You won't find this topic covered on Wikipedia or in a Google search. Over 200 references. 132 pages, 55 images, 6"v9". b/w .  Avail

Press Release: Cambridge Author Paul Langan Releases New Book: Forgotten Monorails of Canada

Forgotten Monorails of Canada - Paul Langan   Cambridge author Paul Langan releases his 6th history book, “Forgotten Monorails of Canada” in e-book and print format. For immediate release…..Cambridge, ON...December 23rd, 2020….  Paul Langan has released his first new book in twenty years.  Forgotten Monorails of Canada is the definitive history of monorails built and proposed in Canada. Read about the fascinating history of monorails in Canada both built and the many plans that did not come to fruition. Over 200 references. 132 pages, 55 images, 6"v9".  E-book available  NOW on Kobo ,  Amazon and Google Play for $5.41. Print copies available on Amazon January 15th, 2021 and will be priced at $12.41. Paul Langan states, “ There certainly was no information done on this subject previously. This book will fill that gap on the long history of proposed and built monorails in Canada. It is amazing how many monorails were actually proposed in Canada and the number actually built.