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Worker Safety and Chemical Disinfectants

Using Disinfect Spray in Iran With the widespread concern over the coronavirus, more people are talking about and using chemical disinfection.  From a worker safety perspective here are some basic things to know about disinfection. Disinfectants are intended to kill microorganisms. They may also be hazardous to humans and the environment, especially when concentrated. The use of disinfectants can impact worker safety both directly and indirectly. Direct exposure to a hazardous chemical may result when a disinfectant is used inappropriately (for example, if a worker fails to wear personal protective equipment when diluting a concentrated chemical). Indirect impact on worker safety can occur as a result of an exposure to viable pathogens when an inappropriate product is selected (for example, if a disinfectant or product that kills vegetative bacteria only was used against a non-enveloped virus), or if an effective product is used inappropriately (for example, diluted too muc