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Paul Langan's out of print publications from 1999-2021

It definitely seems like a lifetime ago when I first started publishing local historical material. I had only been in the community of Hespeler for  about 5 years when I started releasing booklets and a calendar in 1999. In 2021, I have re-released and expanded two of those publications, Tragedy in Galt and Remembering Glenchristie . The following publications have been out of print for 22 years. 1.Hespeler's Hidden Secret: the Coombe Orphanage, 1905-1947, ISBN-10 - 0968586724 (ISBN13:9780968586723) published in 2000. 31 pages 2. The Miracle in Preston: The Story of the Preston Springs Hotel, ISBN-10 0968586732 (ISBN13: 9780968586730) published in 2000. 26 pages 3.Forgotten Stories of the Railway, ISBN - 0-9685867-5-9, published in 2002. 26 pages 4. Railways of Cambridge 1999 Calendar, published in 1999.

Buy A Miracle in Preston Book by Donating to Kidney Cancer Canada

 Why cleaning my office I found 20 copies of the Miracle in Preston booklet (26 pages , glossy 8x11) I put out in 2000. If you want a copy donate $10.00 to Kidney Cancer Canada. Send me an email ( copy of the donation receipt and I will put the copy of the booklet in my mailbox for you to pick up. I live in Hespeler. You can read the book free online on BOOKS page of this site. But why not have the real thing and give to good cause.