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Alternatives Denied - The $100,000,000 Highway 7 Fiasco Book Re-released Today

For immediate release…..Cambridge, ON...March 28th, 2022…. Alternatives Denied was a book released in 2000 that was a compilation of critiques from concerned citizens on the Highway 7 Kitchener-Guelph Ontario proposal. The 90 page book features articles by George Bechtel, Ben Bennett, Douglas Graham, Judith Greenwood-Speers, Julie Harwood, Paul Langan, Dave Locky, Jennifer Niece, Michael Parkinson, Steve Vogel, and Liz Wharton. Paul Langan, states, "22 years later it is good to reflect back on this publication printed in 2000 and see why this new highway was such a bad idea. As a historical document it is a strong testimonial to a flawed process." The book is available starting today at Wordsworth Books , Waterloo, Ontario. It will also be available on Amazon, Rakuten/Kobo and Google Play worldwide. All net profits from the sale of this publication will go to Haven House, a home in Cambridge for females and kids fleeing abusive situations. For more information go to: http:/

Looking Back - Alternatives Denied - The $100,000,000 Highway 7 Fiasco

The provincial government announced recently they would move forward with the plan to build a new Highway #7 between Kitchener and Guelph.  A group of concerned citizens put together a book in 2000 about the fiasco. The project was stopped for two decades. Meanwhile lack of provincial government funding keeps Go Trains going at glacial speeds to and from Toronto/Kitchener/Guelph. It is free to read and download this piece of historical community activism.  Here is the LINK to view or download.