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Remembering Glen Christie book released worldwide

  I am happy to announce that my Remembering Glen Christie - The history of the Village of Glen Christie, Ontario and stories from those that lived there , is available worldwide. If you live in the Waterloo Region you can purchase the book at Wordsworth Books in Waterloo. If you live local in Hespeler I might have a few copies so you can use the contact page on this website to inquire. It is available as an e-book on Kobo. It is available worldwide as a paperback and e-book on Amazon. I am working on three more local history books to be completed this year. They are: Tales of Opera - Waterloo County/Region 1889-2020,  Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection Remembering Fisher Mills - The history of the hamlet of Fisher Mills, Ontario Thanks for supporting local history books.

Cambridge author to publish historical book on lost town - Remembering Glen Christie

  Kitchener Today - Nathan Shubert -A Cambridge author is getting ready to publish a historical book on a local lost town, Glen Christie. Author Paul Langan told Kitchener Today in an interview that what initially started as a small booklet project in 1999 is now being turned into a novel that looks at the history of the small village which was just north of Hespeler, since its tear down in 1961. "Well I think people like to know about lost villages and all that, and the neatest thing about that is, that when it was torn down, the people there either moved to Guelph or Hespeler, and those kids are still alive now," said Langan.  To capture what the village was like when it was still around, Langan went out and talked to the remaining children from Glen Christie, who are now in their 60s and 70s. Read the rest of the story HERE .