Paul Langan

Occupational Health & Safety

Paul Langan had worked as Occupational Health & Safety and Transportation Dangerous Goods Coordinator for 26 years in the federal government. He has developed and implemented a comprehensive Laboratory Occupational Health & Safety Programs and Manuals. He has developed Shipping Biological Samples Guidebooks and Training. He also worked in private for the agri-food industry doing OSH.

High Speed Rail Canada

Paul  has been fighting for increased passenger rail service in Canada for over 20 years.He is the founder of High Speed Rail Canada. It is an educational resource centre on high speed rail.  http://www.highspeedrailcanada.com.

Scorpions Youth Volleyball Club

Paul has volunteered most of his adult life in youth sports organizations. He currently is the founder of Scorpions Youth Volleyball Club. http://www.scorpionsvolleyball.ca

Wife Debra is professor at WLU Brantford. Son Dylan has a Masters in Community Music and is the Conductor, Composer and Artistic Director of Vera Causa opera company http:// www.vcopera.ca Daughter Katie has her Master of Applied Human Nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian. She also coaches youth beach competitive volleyball.

Recognition Awards Given to Paul Langan

2016 - Ontario Volleyball Association Recognition Award
2014 - Cambridge Sports Contributor of the Year Award
2012 - Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipient
2011 - Ontario Volleyball Association Male Developmental Coach of the Year Award
2001 - Rudolph Boost Heritage Award - City of Cambridge