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Music for Laura Hespeler performed for the first time in 159 years

Midnight Galop for Miss Laura Hespeler The immense impact that Jacob Hespeler had on the development of the community of Hespeler, Ontario cannot be understated. I compiled 500 page book based on Winfield Brewster's writings, "Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection". The book goes into great detail of Jacob's accomplishments. Much less is known about his children. Ellonora "Laura" Hespeler, his daughter, was born in 1847 in Preston, Ontario. By 1861 she was living in Hespeler, Ontario. In 1868 she married John Walker from London, Ontario at Jacob Hespeler’s house in town. They had no children and her husband died in 1889. Music Written for Miss Laura Hespeler Prior to her being married, a piece of music was written for Laura in 1864. It was written by Geo. C. Pettit. I have been unable to find information on Mr. Pettit. Laura would have been 17 at the time. The song for piano is titled, “Midnight Galop”.  The sheet music was published

Paul Langan Releases New Book - Monorails in Magazines 1918-1971

  The fascinating history of monorails in magazines from 1918 to 1971 is captured in this new book by author Paul Langan.  This is an amazing collection of articles on monorails gleaned from European and North American magazines from 1918 to 1971. These were exciting times as many different scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs invented monorail systems. Some were built, some never came to fruition. Enjoy this look back into the fascinating history of monorails. Includes covers, articles, photos and references from twenty magazines. It is available from Amazon worldwide in paperback. It is available as an e-book on Rakuten/Kobo, Google Books and Amazon. 

The Chantones 1954-1957 Booklet Released on Amazon Worldwide

  We are proud to announce that the first of three booklets on The Chantones has been released. The Chantones, were a Windsor, Ontario based group that had success has a quartet, trio and as backup vocalist to singer Jack Scott. The booklet has been developed in consultation with The Chantones members Jim Nantais and Jack Grenier. It covers the period of the band's early days from 1954 until the release of their hit record, Ann Marie at the end of 1957. The 44 page booklet is available in paperback format. It is available from Amazon worldwide. Future booklets will be: Part 2 The History of The Chantones - Jack Scott and more success - 1958-61. The final booklet will be Part 3 The History of The Chantones - The folk trio years 1962-76. For more information on this book or others by Paul Langan, he can be reached through his website, .

The 1969 Tri-Mono-Trans (TMT) High-Speed Monorail Proposal Booklet Released

In 1969, Californian Lamartine Cavanaugh (Marty) Trent designed a high-speed rail monorail capable of going 300 mph (482 km/h). Marty was an engineer for the North American Rockwell Corporation.  It was originally designed as a toy for his daughters to play with. He patented the idea and his company seriously reviewed it as a public transportation system. For the first time ever, all the known documents, photos and patents related to the proposal have been put together in a 35 page booklet. Available December 22nd, 2022 worldwide at Amazon in paperback format. It is available at Rakuten/Kobo, and Google Books as an e-book. Locally it is available from the author or Wordsworth Books, Waterloo, Ontario Canada.

The Chantones 3 Booklet Series to Be Released in 2023

The Chantones  The Windsor, Ontario based quartet The Chantones were together from 1954-1976. They had a #1 hit on their own but were known mainly as the background vocalist for the legendary Jack Scott. The Chantones were on 18 of 19 singles that charted for Jack. The three booklets will follow different periods of The Chantones career. All three booklets feature interviews with The Chantone's Jack Grenier and Jim Nantais. Part 1 - The Early Years 1954-1957 (35 pages)  covers the quartet from their beginnings to the release of their #1 Canadian hit record "Ann Marie" should be out the end of January 2023.  The next booklet to come out will be, Part 2  The History of The Chantones -  Jack Scott and more success - 1958-61. The final booklet will be Part 3 The History of The Chantones - The folk trio years 1962-76. Keep checking this website for more details.

The Canadian Brucellosis Incident: September 14th, 1995 - Seven Persons Alberta Short Story Released

 News Editor...12/13/2022... For immediate Release.. Author Paul Langan has released his 11th publication, a short story titled, "The Canadian Brucellosis Incident - September. 14th, 1995, Seven Persons Alberta." Synopsis A thrilling short story by Paul Langan. He recounts an event based on his time working for the federal government in Canada. A freezer full of brucella cultures, left over from the 1940s - 50s biological weapons development in Canada, was shipped from Saskatoon to Lethbridge. What happened that night in 1995 has never been told until now. Availability MEDIA - A pdf version of short story is available to media interested in doing a story on it. Respond back via email. PUBLIC - The short story is available for $6.95 on Amazon worldwide. Interview Paul Langan can be reached at via this email address , phone 226-505-7605. To review Paul Langan's previous books go to:

Promo Video of The True Story of the 1899 Shipwreck of the Scotsman

   I am proud to release a promotional video for my book The True Story of the 1899 Shipwreck of the Scotsman. It is available on my youtube channel. The “Scotsman” ocean liner slammed into Belle Isle off the northern coast of Newfoundland, September 22nd, 1899 leaving 14 dead. This tragic event turned even more devastating as firemen on the crew, hired on as “scabs” in England, began a drunken rampage and robbed passengers of their belongings. Stranded in the harsh climate of Belle Isle, men, women and children fought to survive. This harrowing tale is classic in Canadian maritime history. Included are interviews with shipwreck survivors, newspaper accounts, rare photos and the official report related to the event. It is available at Wordworth Books if in Waterloo Region, from the author's house or worldwide on Amazon.