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The True Story of the 1899 Shipwreck of the “Scotsman” book to be released

The True Story of the 1899 Shipwreck of the “Scotsman” Book Canadian Author Paul Langan is set to release his 12th book titled, The True Story of the 1899 Shipwreck of the “Scotsman”. The tragedy happened at Belle Isle between Newfoundland and Labrador. The “Scotsman” ocean liner slammed into Belle Isle off the northern coast of Newfoundland, September 22nd, 1899. This tragic shipwreck turned even more devastating as firemen on the crew, hired on as “scabs” in England, began a drunken rampage and robbed passengers of their belongings. Stranded in the harsh climate of Belle Isle, men, women and children fought to survive. In the end, 24 people lost their lives. This harrowing tale is a classic in Canadian maritime history. Included are interviews with shipwreck survivors, newspaper accounts, rare photos and the official report related to the event. The book is 72 pages, 6x9 paperback format. It is available November 9th, 2022, worldwide through Amazon or locally through the author or Wo

VIA Rail Canada vs The Public - A new book about the 1991 CANRAILPASS debacle

  In 1991, a citizen was refused a VIA RAIL Canada "CANRAILPASS" because they were a Canadian citizen.  Paul Langan and MP Herb Gray filed a complaint with the National Transportation Agency under the Railway Act that Canadians were being prejudiced against by VIA Rail Canada for prohibiting them from buying the pass. Absurd as this sounds, VIA Rail Canada fought against offering the pass to Canadians and even went as far as fighting it, and losing, at the Federal Court of Appeal. Featured in the Book: The National Transportation Agency Decision The National Transportation Agency Order The National Transportation Agency Staff Report The Federal Court of Appeal Decision Newspaper Articles Available at W ordsworth Books, Waterloo, Ontario and AMAZON worldwide For information on all Paul's books go to:

Fisher Mills, Beaverdale Ontario Book Release a Success

  Thank you to everyone coming out yesterday to the book launch at the Wanner Mennonite Church Picnic Shelter. It was great meeting everyone. The History of Fisher Mills and Beaverdale Ontario book release went well. I am glad so many former and present residents came out. I will get more copies of the book in. I did not expect the large turnout.

Paul Langan releases his 11th book,The History of Fisher Mills and Beaverdale, Ontario at a Book Event on Oct.1, 2022

    Paul Langan releases his 11th book,The History of Fisher Mills and Beaverdale, Ontario at a Book Event outside at Wanner Mennonite Church on Oct.1, 2022 For immediate release…..Cambridge, ON...Sept. 28th,2022. Paul Langan will be releasing his newest book The History of Fisher Mills and Beaverdale, Ontario He will have a book release event, October 1st at the picnic shelter at the Wanner Mennonite Church, 1725 Beaverdale Road, from 1pm-3pm. It is open to any former and present residents of Beaverdale, Fisher Mills and anyone interested in the history of the area. The original release date was supposed to be June 1st. It will now be available Oct. 1st. Paul Langan states, “ This book was a challenge for me to get done but with the support of the past and present residents I am very satisfied with the end result. I look forward to meeting everyone on Saturday.” For those attending the book release and want a signed copy of the book, please pre register. Email brentunespublishing@yah

1937 - 38 Toronto Maple Leafs Go Hunting

  1937-1938 Toronto Maples Leafs at Forbes Island, Ontario - photo from the U. of Waterloo Archives and Special Collections  Hespeler, Ontario wealthy industrialist Alex Forbes, loved to hunt and fish. He even had his own island hunting lodges, Forbes Island, map below, was located south of Sudbury, Ontario. It was only accessible by aircraft. Photos of Alex back then had him friends with high profile media people. Evidently he was also tight with the Toronto Maple Leafs. This photo of the 1937-38 Toronto Maple Leafs  at the lodge is a fantastic photo. Names identified on the back of photo are: Turk Broda, Harvey Jackson, Bingo Kempman, Davidson, Hamilton,Murph Chamberlain,Joe Stark, Jim Fowler and George Parsons  Enjoy this rare piece of Toronto Maples Leafs history. About the author - Paul Langan is an author of 2 hockey compilation books and 10 local history books. You can purchase his books at Wordsworth Books Waterloo, and Amazon, Kobo, Google Play wordwide. His website is http://

The History of Fisher Mills and Beaverdale, Ontaro Book Release and Social October 1st

 Get Together to Remember the Golden Era of Fisher Mills and Beaverdale, Ontario & Book Launch We invite all present and former residents of  Fisher Mills and Beaverdale, Ontario and those interested in the history of the communities to a book release event. On October 1st from 1pm-3pm at the Wanner Mennonite Church at 1725 Beaverdale Road outdoor picnic shelter we will reminisce about Fisher Mills and Beaverdale. Take a walk on the short Wanner Trail and visit the Wanner cemetary. Paul Langan, will have his new book available for sale, The History of Fisher Mills and Beaverdale Ontario for $12.00 cash. He will have copies of his other books also for sale. It is a rare chance to look back at the history of these great communities. Please RSVP to if you are coming and if you want a signed copy of the book.  

Play and Coach Hockey Like 1959 Book Released by Paul Langan

Paul Langan releases his 10th book, Play and Coach Hockey Like 1959! For immediate release…..Cambridge, ON...August 29th,2022…. Paul Langan has released a book that features 3 booklets on how to play and coach hockey that were originally released in 1959. In 1959, The Royal Canadian Air Force released a series of booklets on hockey titled, Beginning Hockey, How to Play Better Hockey and Coach’s Manual. They included skill development, instruction and drills for the player and coach. These booklets are being reprinted in their entirety for the first time in half a century. Like his 2021 release, Classic Hockey Stories - From the Golden Era of Pulp Magazines 1930s-1950s, Paul Langan is reviving and saving a part of our cultural hockey identity. Paul Langan states, “ I was given one of these publications by my dad in 1967 when I was playing hockey. It was amazing to look at the content through today’s lens about how hockey was taught and played in 1959 and now? Yes some things have