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Paul Langan releases his 11th history publication tomorrow

 Get ready.......... Paul Langan releases his 11th history publication on January 27th, 2022

Paul Langan's Books Now Available on Google Play

 We are happy to announce now that you have another place to purchase e-book copies of  Canadian Paul Langan's books. Currently paperback copies are available from Wordsworth Books in Waterloo. Paperback versions are also available from Amazon worldwide. Paul's E-books are available from Rakuten-Kobo, Amazon and now Google Play Books . All six of Paul's recent books are available there. Paul Langan Books

Paul Langan's Classic Hockey Stories Book Reviewed by Stephen Smith

  Thank you Stephen Smith at Puckstruck for such a comprehensive review of my Classic Hockey Stories book. Read the full review here.

Paul Langan Books Also Available on Rakuten Kobo

Paul Langan eBooks on Rakuten Kobo  I am happy to announce that all of  my books are available as eBooks from Rakuten Kobo. Simply search the word "Paul Langan" and my books should come up. The website is The publications available are:     Forgotten Monorails of Canada (12/2020),       Tragedy in Galt - The May 2nd, 1956 CP Rail Crash (01/2021),     Remembering Glen Christie - (06/01/2021).     Tales of Opera - Waterloo County/ Region 1885-2020 (09/23/2021)     Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection. (11/14/2021)     Classic Hockey Stories from the Golden Era of Pulp Magazines - 1930s-1950s (12/04/2021) Keep up to date on all my releases at

Paul Langan Releases Classic Hockey Stories from the Golden Era of Pulp Magazines

Classic Hockey Stories - Compiled by Paul Langan  On December 4th, 2021 one of the most unique hockey history books will be released. It is titled, "Classic Hockey Stories from the Golden Era of Pulp Magazines 1930s-1950s."  Canadian Author Paul Langan has put 9 novelettes and short stories along with original illustrations, ads into one paperback.  Over the years there has been a lot of publicity andbooks  relating to other categories of pulp magazines and dime store novels such as: Detective, Sci-Fi, Romance, and Sports in General. The topic of hockey novellas, stories has largely been ignored. Classic Hockey Stories - From the Golden Era of Pulp Magazines 1930s-1950s is an enjoyable journey through the eyes of pulp writers.  247 pages, 9 novelettes/stories, also 2 vintage comics and advertisements, 6"v9" format. Paul Langan states, “ Finding these lost treasures and putting them together in this book has been extremely rewarding. These mostly fictional hockey sto

Meet the Cambridge Authors Day December 10th, 2021

  The Cambridge Authors group is proud to announce the authors that will be participating in their Meet the Cambridge Authors Event Friday, December 10th,2021. For immediate release... November 30th, 2021.. Cambridge, Ontario... The Meet the Cambridge Authors Event will be held, Friday, December 10th, 2-4pm, 6:30-8:30pm, in Cambridge. The location is the Cambridge Centre for the Arts, Toyota Room, 60 Dickson Street, Cambridge, Ontario. It is free to attend. The Authors will have their books for sale. Confirmed Authors Who Will Be There Daryl J Ball - Fantasy Carrie Ann Barnes - Young Adult/Fiction A.S. Compton - Fiction Kit Daven -Sci-fantasy Scott Fields - Non- Fiction/Travel WD Janaway - Contemporary Fiction Tony Kitchen - Experiential non fiction Paul Langan - Local history Peter Lawryniuk Mark Leslie Lefebvre - Thrillers/Urban Fantasy/Horror, Non-Fiction - Paranormal, Writing & Publishing Paulus Ling - Classic gothic suspense graphic novel Tara Mondou - Creative Non-Fiction L

Where to Buy Paul Langan's Books

  A popular question I am asked is where can you get my books. First thing I would do is check the BOOKS page on this website to see that they are still in print. If they are, here are three ways to get my books. 1. Wordsworth Books in Waterloo - You can shop online or in the store.  2. Amazon Worldwide - Print or E-book - Search Paul Langan. Beware there is a popular American author by the same name so insert the title of the book into the search engine. 3. Rakuten/Kobo Worldwide - 4 . Contact Page on this Website - If you live local and I have copies at home you can email me and you can pick one up from my home. Cash only.