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Sherlock Holmes Box Set Released Featuring Restored Arthur Wontner and Reginald Owen Films

Film Detective Releases on Blu-ray or DVD Restored  Sherlock Holmes Classics Amazing Sherlock Holmes Film Box Set Featuring Restored Arthur Wontner and Reginald Owen   The last couple years I have written about the need to restore the existing Arthur Wontner Sherlock Holmes Films. Some people commented that it would never happen. Thankfully they are wrong!  Over the years there have been many releases of  dreadfully poor quality versions of the Arthur Wontner Sherlock Holmes films. Previously, The Sign of Four: Sherlock Holmes' Greatest Case (1932) was beautifully restored by Ealing Studios, Network and Studio Canal. It is available from Amazon on dvd - Ealing Studios Rarities Collection Volume 14. Then Philip Hopkins from Film Detective restored the Silver Blaze (1937) (USA title: Murder at the Baskervilles, release 1941), based on "The Adventure of Silver Blaze".  Jeff Joseph, long time film collector, historian restored  Fatal Hour (The Sleeping Cardinal 1931) . 

Local author keeps busy during pandemic capturing the area's rich history

Paul Langan holding copy of Hespeler History  Thanks to Mehreen Shahid and Cambridge Today for an excellent article. Hespeler History - The Winfield Brewster Collection book release date is 11/14/21. It is the definitive history of Bergeytown, New Hope and early Hespeler. 548 pages. You can read the whole article HERE .

Canadian Author Paul Langan Releases Six Books in One Year

Canadian Author Paul Langan Releases Six Books in 2021   Canadian Author Paul Langan is publishing six books in 2021.  As of October 25th, 2021 four have been released already.They are:  Forgotten Monorails of Canada (12/2020),   Tragedy in Galt - The May 2nd, 1956 CP Rail Crash (01/2021), Remembering Glen Christie - The History of the Village of Glen Christie, ON from those that lived there (06/01/2021). Tales of Opera - Waterloo County/ Region 1885-2020 (09/23/2021) The last two books for 2021 to be released are: Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection . 548 pages, The definitive history of early Hespeler, New Hope, Bergeytown Ontario. (release date Nov. 14th,2021) Classic Hockey Stories from the Golden Era of Pulp Magazines - 1930s-1950s . - Nine stories, novelettes, rink novels with a touch of Canadiana!   Paul Langan states ," I have been very fortunate to have a supportive environment in which I was able to release so many books in a year. There was a

Trailer Released for Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection compiled by Paul Langan

   Here is the promo video for my new compilation book titled, Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection . The book is available from the author through the contact page on his website, Wordsworth Books Waterloo, and Amazon and Kobo worldwide.

Free audio book chapter from Tales of Opera Waterloo County Region 1885-2020

 We are excited to announce that  the first chapter of  Paul Langan's Tales of Opera Book - "Beginnings of Opera in Waterloo County " will be available as a free audio file. Here is the LINK to listen to the chapter. The book is available in paperback and ebook format. It can be purchased at Wordsworth Books in Waterloo or Amazon and Kobo worldwide.

Paul Langan's Tales of Opera Waterloo County/Region 1885-2020 Book Released Today

  Paul Langan releases his 8th history book, Tales of Opera - Waterloo County/Region 1885-2020 in e-book and print format. For immediate release…..Cambridge, ON...September 23rd, 2021….  Paul Langan has released a book that captures over 100 years of opera history in the Waterloo Region.   Tales of Opera - Waterloo County/Region 1885-2020 is the definitive history of opera in the Waterloo Region/County. 269 pages, over 90 images, 6"v9" format.    Print copies available exclusively in the Waterloo Region at Wordsworth Books 96, King Street South, Waterloo, ON. It is available worldwide on Amazon and Kobo .   Guest writers include Dr. Ted Rhodes and Lesle De’Ath. Paul Langan states, “ The rich history of opera in the Waterloo Region over the last century had not been captured before. For local history lovers this is a must to have in your collection. As one reviewer stated, “It is easy to read and informative.” “ For more information on Paul Langan’s books go to: https://w

Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection Book

  The definitive compilation book on the early history of Hespeler, Ontario. This is approved by the Brewster estate. These booklets have been faithfully digitalized to look excellent as a paperback or ebook.  Added to the books are extremely rare photos, advertisements, maps and current photos of the buildings still in existence for reference purposes.  Includes 2 chapters on the indigenous people. Written in the 1950s to let people then know the early origins of (Bergeytown, New Hope) Hespeler. (approx 1800-1910).  The book includes the following Brewster booklets: J. Hespeler New Hope 1951, The Flood Gate 1952, Hespeler Yarns 1953, La rue de commerce 1954. Each copy purchased gets a free digital download of Brewster's Lot Six - In the Third of Waterloo, 1950.  Due out in November 2021 if not sooner. Developers are wiping out our built history. This book preserves the memories.