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Tales of Opera Waterloo Region/County 1885-2020 Book Release Date Set

    I am proud to announce that my next book Tales of Opera Waterloo Region/County 1885-2020 will be available August 20, 2021. You can buy it at Wordsworth Books Waterloo and Amazon worldwide! Here is a list of the chapters in the book to get you pumped. Beginnings of Opera in Waterloo County 1896- 1924  Berlin Opera House  The Moral Stage - Vaudeville, Minstrel Shows vs Opera 1899 - 1924 Scotts Opera House Galt Ontario Preston Opera House 1914 - Bulbul -Waterloo Opera in the 1930s Edward Ransome and Kenneth Sako  1948 - 1964 - Twin City Operatic Society 1948 - 1970s -  Preston Opera Society  1954 - Over 4,000 attend the Royal Conservatory Opera Co. performance in Kitchener Mabel Krug 1959 & 1975 - Gilbert Sullivan Society Opera Singers from this Area  Opera at Wilfrid Laurier University - Leslie De’Ath  Jacqueline Richard, Centre Opera Studio,  KW Opera Guild - Dr. Ted Rhodes Raffi Armenian and the Building of the Centre in the Square - Dr. Ted Rhodes  1980 - 1985 -  Kitchener

Remembering Glen Christie book released worldwide

  I am happy to announce that my Remembering Glen Christie - The history of the Village of Glen Christie, Ontario and stories from those that lived there , is available worldwide. If you live in the Waterloo Region you can purchase the book at Wordsworth Books in Waterloo. If you live local in Hespeler I might have a few copies so you can use the contact page on this website to inquire. It is available as an e-book on Kobo. It is available worldwide as a paperback and e-book on Amazon. I am working on three more local history books to be completed this year. They are: Tales of Opera - Waterloo County/Region 1889-2020,  Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection Remembering Fisher Mills - The history of the hamlet of Fisher Mills, Ontario Thanks for supporting local history books.

Hespeler's Russ Gillow - World Hockey Association Goalie and 1 NHL Game

  Here is a great Hespeler born goalie now in retirement.  Russell Howard Gillow (born September 2, 1940 in Hespeler, Ontario) is a retired professional ice  hockey player who played 109 games in the World Hockey Association with the Los Angeles Sharks and San Diego Mariners. As a 32-year-old rookie in the 1972–73 WHA season, Gillow was 2nd to Cleveland's Gerry Cheevers in lowest goals against average and helped the Los Angeles Sharks to a 3rd-place finish and playoff berth. When Bruce Gamble suffered a career ending heart attack while playing for the Flyers they were left without a backup goalie during a West Coast road trip, far away from their minor league affiliates. Russ Gillow was playing for the Spokan Jets of the Western International Hockey League when he was offered a job by the Flyers.  Gillow dressed as Doug Favell's backup for just one game. While he never made it back to the NHL, the World Hockey Associated came calling the next season and Gillow would go onto pla

65th Anniversary of the Tragedy in Galt CP Rail Crash, May 2nd 1956

  Today is the 65th anniversary of the tragic rail crash in Galt, Ontario that claimed two lives. Canadian Pacific doubleheader through freight train #903 slammed into "extra" train #5186 which was working at the station and pulled out of the siding. The crash which destroyed the bridge and the spectacle of the damaged engines, just southeast of Galt Collegiate Institute was a site many have never forgotten. In January 2021, I released a  book on the crash titled, "Tragedy in Galt, the May 2nd, 1956 CP Rail Crash." The book features interviews with 4 surviving train crew completed between 1998 and 2020. Available at Wordsworth Books Waterloo , Amazon Worldwide , Kobo and Google Play. I also have limited copies at my house you could pick up in my mailbox.

1969 Hespeler Municipal Brief Report

  With all the insanity relating to the present housing pricing, it is fun to look back. This 11 page report was made to highlight Hespeler to any businesses or individuals thinking of moving here. Enjoy reading this. Here is the LINK .

Hespeler Machinery Company - Makers of Woodworking Machinery Free 1909 Catalogue

 As I mentioned in a previous post, I am working on making all my Hespeler, Ontario related booklets, catalogues that are in the Public Domain available to the public. Some are on the internet now, some are in my collection. I combine the best versions I can find and post them. This catalogue from the 1909 from the  Hespeler Manufacturing Company Ltd of wood working machinery has beautiful photos of the types of machinery used in making wood products. As the catalogue states., Manufacturers of High Grade Wood Tools - Hespeler Ontario. Here is the LINK to the catalogue. My book on Hespeler History - The Authorized Winfield Brewster Collection comes out in time for the holidays 2021.

FREE 1918 Stamped and Enamelled Ware Catalogue - Hespeler, Ontario

  If you moved to Hespeler in the last twenty five years or so you remember the Stamped and Enamelled Ware Company Ltd on Guelph Avenue as the American Standard plant . It used to make bathtubs at the plant.  If you moved here recently, 80% of the Stamped Enamelled Plant and historic Hespeler Grist Mill has been wiped out. One building was saved and turned into condos and one new apartment building was built. The Stamped and Enamelled Ware Company has a very rich history. The catalogue has lots of interesting pots, pans, etc. that were made there. This publication is in the public domain. I tried to improve the quality of it. I hope everyone will enjoy seeing what one factory in Hespeler used to make. Click HERE for the 1918 catalogue. Feel free to share this post with friends. The Stamped and Enamelled Ware Plant, Hespeler, Ontario