Paul Langan Health & Safety Advisor

Here is a little about my experience:
  • 30 yrs experience in all aspects of developing, implementing and auditing an Occupational Health and Safety Program. 
  • Worked in the private sector in the agri-food industry as well as municipal and federal government workplaces.
  • 15 years developing, implementing and auditing a multi site national laboratory health and safety program.

 Here are the elements of occupational health and safety I have experience in.

Biological Safety - Biocontainment Level 2
Chemical Safety
Chemical and Biological Spill Prevention & Clean Up
Contractor Safety Standards
Effective and Efficient Health and Safety Committee Development
Emergency Response Plans
Employee Orientation Programs
Hazard Assessment - Job Hazard Analysis/Hazard Mapping
Hazardous Occurrence Investigation
Health & Safety Auditing Tools - ISO 450001:2018, OHSAS 18001, CSA Z1000
Personal Protective Equipment
Radiation Safety - Use of Sealed Sources and Radon and UV Radiation Safety
Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Shipping Biological Samples
Workplace Inspections - Developing a Quality Workplace Inspection Std.

2020 UPDATE: I have retired from occupational health and safety. Feel free to email me if you any problems you want advice on.