Remembering Glenchristie - Although the village of Glen Christie is no longer in existence, it lives on in the minds of those who lived and worked there. Glen Christie was located north of Hespeler where the Highway 24 bends south of Kosseth Rd.
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Tragedy in Galt - The May 2nd 1956 CP Rail Crash - 60th Anniversary Special edition with Bill Hopkins/Ronald Westworth interviews and inquest recommendations.
For those that remember this was a tragedy in so many ways. This booklet is long out of print. Lots of rare photos

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Here is link to great YOUTUBE video of the crash.

Hespeler`s Hidden Secret - The Coombe 1907-1947. The only book on the receiving home in Hespeler Ontario. Interviews former children of the home.

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preston springs hotel
The Miracle in Preston - Story of Preston Springs Hotel. In 2000 I published this small booklet. At that time the Preston Springs Hotel was bought and considerable renovations were being done. Unfortunately the owners went bankrupt.
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Forgotten Stories of the Railway - I love this booklet because some of the stories are so obscure. Please enjoy reading it.
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  1. I was there 60 years ago after the crash. It was the next day, I believe. My Father took me to see the crash site. I was only three but I remember it like it was yesterday.

  2. My dad took me to see the wreck I was 6 at the time. Later when I was able to drive I went down Hwy 24 and under the rail bridge, I felt that I had been here before. I asked around until I found out that there was a derailment at this location.

  3. Great history about Cambridge.
    Did you hear of any haunting's that some speculate have occurred at Preston Springs?