Clues to the Missing Hespeler Hockey Trophies Surface!

 Old Hespeler Arena Plaque Surfaces in 2017
As a history buff, I have been intrigued by the disappearance of the Hespeler Minor Hockey trophies and plaques when the old arena was demolished in 1988 and the new one was built.

The trophies never ended up in the new arena and over four decades of Hespeler hockey history was lost as the trophies mysteriously vanished.

Please read my previous BLOG on this topic to learn about the rich history of hockey in the community of Hespeler and my original quest to find the trophies.

I had never given up hope finding the truth about the trophies. New evidence has surfaced to suggest someone does have the trophies and in one case is selling them.

I discovered that in 2017 a plaque from the arena was sold on an online auction. The plaque  was titled Hespeler Minor Olympics Scoring Champion Pee-Wee Division . The last date on the trophy was 1974.

The last winner was Hespeler's own Tim Laurence. The year before Wayne Gretsky had won it and hence its value today.

Sadly the company auctioning the plaque did not return my emails. I wanted to find out who put the plaque up for auction. Maybe then we could find out what happened to the old Hespeler Arena trophies. The mystery continues.

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