Ghost Train Arrives in Guelph Following Tragic Accident

Tragic Accident Involving Freight Train at Glen Christie

April 16th, 1956 - A ghost train steamed into Guelph station this morning - mute, white testimony to a serious accident at Glen Christie. Frederick Bond, Hespeler, driver of a tractor trailer is in critical condition in
South Waterloo Memorial Hospital Galt, following a collision with a passenger train this morning.
The accident happened at a private crossing owned by the Gypsum, Lime and Alabastine Company, Glen Christie.

The train involved was the 7:50 from Hespeler to Guelph. Hospital authorities reported that Bond suffered multiple serious injuries when he was thrown from the truck. Bond was alone in the tractor-trailer, was crossing the tracks in the plant driveway. The vehicle had ten tons of hydrated lime.

Investigating officers thought Bond must have been watching the blind spot in the truck and never even seen the train. They thought he was travelling “under 10mph”.

The crossing was in such a position that Bond would almost face the on coming train if he were looking forward. The fact that he missed seeing the train strengthened the police theory of looking behind.

CNR passenger train was made up of three cars, two of which were freight. There were no injuries to the occupants of thetrain. The tractor trailer was owned by Woods Transport and was engaged in trucking lime from the Glen Christie plant.

Police said the train hit the linkage between tractor and trailer and the impact burst lime bags. A cloud of white dust was thrown several hundred feet and almost entirely covered the train.

The truck parted in the middle, was left on two sides of the line. There was some damage to the locomotive pilot, but after minor repairs the train went on its way to Guelph. The train was in the charge of Engineer Stewart Lawless of Palmerston, and Conductor W. McCarter of Hamilton. The train was held up for a time, and then proceeded on to Guelph.

Bond lives at RR2 Hespeler. He is unmarried and has been driving with Wood’s Transport for about five years. Dr. F.W.R.Steward of Hespeler is attending to him. - Guelph Mercury 

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