The 1967 NHL Season Highlights

In 1967, the National Film Board released the William Canning short 9minute documentary highlighting the season. For me this is the ultimate film. The original six NHL teams with all the stars I grew up with in glorious colour.

The film is called "Blades and Brass". There are only a couple issues with the film. A giant problem is the Mexican tijuana brass type music that not only does not fit the footage but is very annoying. So I replaced that sound with new sound and now it looks and sounds great.

The only other problem with the film is minor.  The first half of the movie is almost all in slow motion which I dont get and takes away from the way it really was. The last part of the movie is at filmed in real time and its action, action and more action.

There is even a great classic fight scene with referees in the thick of the battle!

Seeing Bobby Hull, Jean Beliveau, Gump Worsley and the rest of my childhood heros in this film brought a smile to my face.Enjoy this video of the golden days of professional hockey.

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