The Preventable Decline of the Galt Collegiate Amphitheatre

Galt Amphitheatre 2018

School board failed city with negligent care of Galt Collegiate amphitheatre

Cambridge Times - We trust the people in charge of our public institutions to take care of our public buildings and spaces. What happens when one of these institutions mismanages our facilities and the public trust is broken?

The Galt Collegiate Institute (GCI) Amphitheatre was built for the community, in 1977, under the dynamic leadership and vision of Rick McNair, a former GCI drama teacher.

The Waterloo Region District School Board has been the caretaker of this facility. The board has allowed the condition of the amphitheatre to decline to its present poor shape.

The board is guilty of gross negligence in its maintenance and care of the Galt Collegiate amphitheatre. There is no evidence that the board approached the city, grant agencies, a non- profit, or business about applying for grants and developing partnerships to keep the amphitheatre functional, and to help it flourish. The amphitheatre could provide a wonderful venue for many types of performances, and enrich the life of the communities in Cambridge.

The location of the amphitheatre is spectacular – on the banks of the Grand River - centrally located, with plenty of parking. A previous Cambridge Times letter to the editor has forced the board to take action and evaluate the present condition of the amphitheatre by completing a study. It was only through the request of a member of the community and a school board trustee that we found out that the board wants to tear down the amphitheatre.

Requests to get a copy of the taxpayer funded study from the board have been ignored. We expect more from our public officials. The trust has been broken.

Paul Langan

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