Hespeler Business Recommendations and 34 Hespeler Community and Sports Facebook Pages Update

NOTE: Since the last Hespeler Facebook Community Pages update the Hespeler Walking Group is gone and we have added the 171 Guelph Ave - Forbes Property Preservation Group and Shop, Eat, Play, Live in Hespeler, Ontario Community groups. We have also added some business recommendations during each update to keep it interesting.


Creme Cafe Hespeler -  Love it. Go there for a quiet tea by myself, meet a friend or a serious business meeting. Great atmosphere!

Ernies - In the heart of Hespeler. Tons of craft beers and a decent menu is keeping Ernies popular with the locals.

Hellspeler Pepper Company - Hardcore Hespeler hot sauce maker. How can you not like a business that has a sauce titled, “ Jespeler Jalapeno”!!

Hespeler Brewing Company - So many people have told me this is the best IPA beer they have ever tasted. Popular at Ernies and available at the Liquor Store.

Hub Bicycle Shop - Honest, Friendly, Helpful. The Hub is everything that is good about Hespeler.

Queen's Family Restaurant - Fantastic breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sadly it has just been listed for sale. Get in and support this restaurant. You will not be disappointed.

Village Eatery - Simply put, the Village Eatery has fantastic food at fair prices. Lots of renovations going on to the building which is unfortunate because I am sure it hurts their business. It is on my “eat there once a week list”.


January 26, 2019 update - by Paul Langan

1. 171 Guelph Ave - Forbes Property Preservation Group - 452 members - Purpose - Fighting the latest subdivision and apartment building being jammed into the area in and around the Forbes Estate on Guelph Avenue. Analysis - Highly Recommended to join.

2. A Safer Hespeler - 523 members - Purpose -This group is about helping make our great village of Hespeler a little safer. Analysis - This group continues to grow.

3. Hespeler Anything & Everything - 928 members - Purpose -You can post about anything and everything Hespeler related... We promise not to take offense or delete your posts. Analysis - This group was started up because the administrator saw so many neighbours banned from the This is My Hespeler FB group. Tons of ads but this is a common problem on a lot of the Hespeler FB groups.

4. Hespeler Books and Beers - 83 members - They are hoping to organize a monthly book club in Hespeler with beer. Such a great idea. We hope it grows bigger!!!

5. Hespeler Buy & Sell - 290 members - Purpose - They don’t have to tell you. It is about posting your stuff for sale there. Analysis - I wish there was only one FB page in Hespeler everyone would post there stuff on. So many items/services for sale are cross posted on other FB Hespeler pages. What I like about it is it is clear the purpose of the site.

6. Hespeler Community - 2,010 members - Purpose - This is an open group for our community in both Hespeler and Silverheights area to post events, goings on, community issues and concerns, home items for sale, etc. Analysis - Ads, Ads and more Ads. If you are starting to get same theme of many of the Hespeler FB pages you are right.

7. Hespeler Connexions - 21 members - Purpose - We are gathering together to make friends, have a laugh, and share our thoughts on a book we read as well as to support locally owned, operated Hespeler businesses. They meet the last Wednesday of every month usually in Hespeler. Analysis - Has not been updated since May 2018…..

8. Hespeler Heritage Centre - 1,242 like this page - Purpose - The Hespeler Heritage Centre is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of history and community in Hespeler.. Analysis - This is the place to go for people interested in Hespeler’s history. Even better stop in and visit them.

9. Hespeler Heavy Smokers Group - 123 members - Purpose - A place for the enthusiasts of smoked & barbecued flora and fauna. Let's share recipes and tips and post some pics of the those smokey feasts. Analysis - Great idea love it and they have tripled their members since last Hespeler FB update I did.

10. Hespeler Hot Spots - 508 members. Purpose - Community page to share what's going on in Hespeler! Events, Sales, Activities, Grand Openings, and more. Analysis - Ads, Ads and more Ads. A few different ones but similar to all the other pages.

11. Hespeler Mill Pond - 1,129 members - Purpose - All about the community living in homes the are that was once the Forbes Wetland. Analysis - Good solid community page.

12. Hespeler Model Aviators - 52 members - Purpose - RC Airplane and Helicopter club. MAAC and membership required Analysis - Good solid page and related website. If interested folks should check it out.

13. Hespeler Moms - 1,284 members - Purpose - This group is for MOMS in the Hespeler area. So we can share information, ask questions and become friends with our neighborhood! Analysis - Sorry no men allowed so no analysis.

14. Hespeler Moms' Social Club - 458 members - Purpose - (HMSC) is a community group for moms who live in Hespeler and who want to connect with other moms and build friendships within their community. Analysis - Sorry no men allowed so no analysis.

15. Hespeler Optimist - 463 people follow the page - Purpose - To support the younger part of our community by being " Friend of Youth". Analysis - The page is kept current. A great organization that needs some more members!

16. Hespeler Riders - This group is semi dormant but would be neat to have a Hespeler motorcycle riders social club. One year since last update, page is in trouble..

17. Hespeler Rocks - 1,732 members - Purpose - Hespeler neighbours paint rocks and hide them around our community and when someone finds a painted rock they take a picture and post it in this group with the hashtag #HespelerRocks. Analysis - If your into it join this group.

18. Hespeler Tennis Club FB Group - 80 members - No posts in 8 months…..

19. Hespeler Trails Awareness Group (formerly known as Hespeler Trails Safety and Awareness Group) - 191 members - Purpose - Hespeler Trails Safety and Awareness Group developed to bring community members together for the common purpose of walking peacefully and safely through our community trails and parks.

20. Hespeler Village
- 1,042 members - Purpose - No ABOUT section information. Has been around since 2010. Analysis - A larger older group but still mainly ads.I can’t handle anymore Village Well ads……...

21.Hespeler Village Neighbourhood Association - 1015 members - HVNA exists to inspire community spirit in Hespeler village by improving and enhancing the quality of life through affordable, social, educational and recreation programs. They have a website too.

22. Hespeler Village on the River - 4,115 follow the page - Purpose - A page run by the Hespeler Business Improvement Association to promote the many shops, restaurants and services in a friendly village setting.

23. Shop, Eat, Play, Live in Hespeler, Ontario. ( 536 likes ) We LOVE Hespeler how about you? We invite you to share and engage in conversation about what you "LOVE" about Hespeler.
This page is to share Community and local events, Shopping deals, Sports, Places to Dine and more! Anyone in the community can post about events and activities going on. Even have a Twitter page.

24. The Good, The Bad, The True Hespeler Community - 1,218 members - Purpose - This is an open forum to respectively discuss anything Hespeler!! Good or bad,. I like it!

25. The Real Hespeler - 335 members - Purpose - This group started in June 2017 and is all about our favourite town Hespeler. We chat about what is going on in town and our area but with a twist. You don’t always have to be politically correct. Analysis - Only 2 posts since September 2018 we are worried about the future of this page.

26. This is My Hespeler - 5,561 members - Purpose - This group is dedicated posting photos & positive stories of all things Hespeler. Show us how amazing this town is! Analysis - Popular page but administrators will ban you for saying anything negative about Hespeler. Would recommend others pages for more honest talk on our community.

27. This is Our Hespeler - 1,715 members - Purpose - This Group is for anyone to post anything about their local businesses. ALL home based, mompreneurs, downtown, or any other small business located in ALL of Hespeler is free to share any updates and goings on. Analysis - This group has grown the most since our last August update. I like the page but wish it had a few more discussions.

28. Victoria Park Ice Rink - Fisher Mills Rd. Hespeler - 408 members - Purpose - Victoria Park Ice Rink is open to the community, is FREE and anyone can come out. Whether you are just learning to skate or you want to get a bunch of friends out for a hockey game! Analysis - They might have the longest name but their single focus makes for a good group.


29. Hespeler Junior C Shamrocks - The return of Junior C hockey in Hespeler.

30. Hespeler Minor Hockey Association - 102 members - Purpose - The Hespeler Minor Hockey Association provides minor hockey for the Hespeler community in Cambridge. Analysis - Play hockey in Hespeler. A great organization. The page is not that great, but their website is.

31. Hespeler Minor Softball Association - 352 members - Purpose - The mission of HMSA is to promote and encourage good citizenship among the players of the Association. We strive to establish and promote an active interest in softball for ages 3 through to 18 regardless of ability . Analysis - Page is kept up to date and the baseball season is a short one and reasonable price.

32. Hespeler Skating Club - 92 members - This local skating club like the minor softball and hockey have been in the community for decades. Support them and you support Hespeler.

33. Hespeler Tennis - 398 members - Conveniently located in Forbes Park.

34. Scorpions Volleyball Cub - 2,099 members - Started in Hespeler in 2010, still in Hespeler, programs for boy and girls ages 7-18.

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