We Need Kathryn McGarry and Clifford Vanclief

 Kathryn McGarry and  Clifford Vanclief

We need Kathryn McGarry and  Clifford Vanclief

Here is why I support Kathryn McGarry to become our new mayor and Clifford Vanclief to become Ward 1 Councillor.

Kathryn McGarry

I first met Kathryn about 20 years ago when I was involved in trying to save the Hespeler Railway Station. She is a nurse by occupation.

She was involved with Heritage Cambridge and trying to get the Sheaves Tower in Blair restored. She was a fighter back then in the community, and went to council  many times to fight for what she believed in.

Back then, people like Kathryn McGarry and Jan Liggett fought for heritage and the environment because it was the right thing to do. They knew many times they were not going to win. I was very happy when Kathryn was our member of provincial parliament because she truly represents the people and came from an community advocacy background. Her knowledge of how the provincial government works will be extremely important as mayor in the future.

People have suggested Ben Tucci as mayor. All I can say is, he has already had 17 years on council to get his ideas across. I am tired of the same old ideas by the same people. When I used to go to council meetings 15 years ago, he was just like all the rest. It bothers me that he enters the mayoral race at the last moment (he filed his papers 2 hours before nominations closed). His running may will split the opposition vote to let the incumbent Doug Craig back in.

To Doug Craig a big thank you for giving so many decades to the public service. The job as councillor and mayor can be extremely difficult at times and you persevered and did a good job.

We need Kathryn McGarry as Mayor to fight for us at the local, regional, provincial and federal levels.

Clifford Vanclief

Cliff is the person who owns The Hub, the bike shop in Hespeler. I have been going into the shop for over a decade. Cliff is someone I respect because he puts community first and truly cares about people.

He has been loyal to the downtown with his business. It would probably have been better for his business if he had moved out of the Hespeler core but he stayed, saying it was the right thing to do.

When I visited the store he always had ideas and opinions on how things could be different in Hespeler and the rest of Cambridge. Many of these ideas I agreed with.

I was torn about him running for councillor because I know the impact it will have on his business and personal life. Once he decided to run, I have been behind him 100%.

Cliff is an entrepreneur, family man and community activist. We need a straight talking person with lots of good ideas like Cliff to be the councillor in Ward 1.

Clifford Vanclief can bring excitement and a new sense of urgency to the role of city councillor for Ward 1.

Please vote on Monday in the election.

About Paul Langan -- I have lived in the Hespeler part of Cambridge for 25 years and have been involved extensively in the community. My involvements have included: volunteering in youth sport, writing history booklets, and fighting to preserve the environment and heritage in Cambridge. 

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