The Day They Tore Down Glen Christie

"They told me to tear down the houses in Glen Christie!"

The last days of Glen Christie. A home being removed.

As time passes bye stories get forgotten. I recently was walking through New Hope cemetery in Hespeler when I came upon the grave site of John Defend and his wife Mary Scapinello. I had interviewed them about 14yrs ago for a book I did on the former community of Glen Christie, that was located just north of Hespeler.

John and Mary were some of the great people I interviewed for the book. When I wrote that book, and others, I had no idea that one day these people who no longer be with us to share their historical knowledge.

The community of Glen Christie had about 26 houses on both sides of the one road in the community.  It is estimated around 125 people lived there. The workers at the limestone quarry located there lived in the houses. In 1963, John Defend who worked for the company was called into the office.

He was told the company wanted to expand from one pit to two pits and the homes were in the way. Workers were told to move their families out and they relocated to Guelph or Hespeler.

John Defend stated, " I got on the bulldozer and just started tearing them down. It was sad but I had a job to do."

 It took less than a month to wipe out the community of Glen Christie that had stood since the 1930s.

Aerial Photo of Glen Christie

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