The Tragic Decline of the Cambridge Times

Cambridge Times Cancelling Local Sports Section Is a Mistake

Newspapers struggle to retain readers who will buy hardcopy or even online subscriptions. With the variety of news sources available just getting people to look at the newspaper can be a struggle.

The Cambridge Times is no exception. The Tuesday paper is so thin questions can be asked if they really do care about reporting local news anymore. The weekend paper is one giant paper mainly because it is jammed with flyers.

Why do people still read the Times? It has to be for the local news and sports. The rationale to cancel the local sports section online and in print is simply ludicrous and will speed up the Cambridge Times demise.

25 years ago when I moved to the community having the team I helped coach with Hespeler Minor Hockey Association get their picture in the Cambridge Times was a big deal and parents and kids were excited when it happened. 

For the last 9 years I have been the President of the Scorpions Volleyball Club. Thanks to excellent reporting from the Times Sports Reporter Bill Doucet  the parents and players have enjoyed seeing their successes shared with the whole city in his articles. Doucet's reporting of our clubs activities are one of the key reasons are club was so successful in it's early days.

Sadly, some executive somewhere at Metroland Media decided local sports does not matter. You can still submit a story but it has to compete with for space with all other local, regional and national news. 

Thanks Bill Doucet for all your coverage of local sports in the past our young athletes appreciated it.

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