Hespeler Now Has 3 Craft Breweries!

Sparrow Brewery & Roasting Company Latest Craft Brewery Opening in Hespeler!

The 3 Craft Breweries of Hespeler!

Sparrow Brewery & Roasting Company 

Hespeler seems to be the hotbed for craft brewing. This new company is opening in June and will be located at 4-54 Guelph Avenue. It will be a professional small batch brewery and coffee roasting company that focuses on quality. Check out their facebook page.


Four Fathers Brewery

The excitement in Hespeler is at fever pitch waiting for Four Fathers to open. Massive renovations continue at their location. We have been in the new  lounge. Fantastic! Also there will be an outdoor patio. Whoo hoo! You will love it.

Tons of opportunity in this building that will help the renewal of Hespeler.

Keeping checking their facebook page for the latest news!


Hespeler Brewery

We know the Hespeler beer is not brewed in Hespeler but hey its HESPELER BEER and has local people involved.  We love it.

Check out their facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/hespelerbrewing/

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