Passenger Rail Service Returns to Hespeler?

Last Train to Hespeler  CNR no. 174 - 1959

Hamilton to Hespeler to Owen Sound and Return!

Imagine my surprise when I read in the Cambridge Times that they were studying the return of passenger rail to Hespeler! A study is looking at having GO Trains connecting to Guelph then into Toronto from the Hespeler part of Cambridge.

The last passenger train was  June 20th, 1959 at 6:50pm. Legendary rail photographer Harold Kinzie captured this historic event. It is hard to believe that you could travel from Hamilton to Hespeler all the way up to Owen Sound and back. Here is the 1957 schedule.

1957 CNR Schedule

It probably will be single or diesel multiple units (DMU) and not a typical Go Train that connects with Guelph. See example of a unit below.

We are fortunate to have Cambridge's own Kathryn McGarry currently as the provincial Minister of Transport. I hope it stays that way.

An excellent book on the former line is titled, "Two Divisions to Bluewater: The Story of the CNR to the Bruce" by Peter Bowers from 1983. Look for it in your library.

I am more than happy to help educating anyone on the current state of  the line and the benefits of restoring passenger rail from Hespeler for Cambridge. Believe it can happen!

This is an  example of an DMU that could run on the line

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  1. Paul, do you know the date of the last steam passenger train from Hespeler to Galt?