Blame Glen Christie Ontario for the Post Boxes

First Post Boxes in Canada were located in Glen Christie, Ontario near Hespeler

Painting the Glen Christie Post Boxes - Source Unknown

For those wondering where the Glen Christie was here is Google Map. The following story is taken from an unknown newspaper article in 1951. For those wanting to learn more about Glen Christie, click on My Books tab to download my free Glen Christie book.

E. J. Kerr, who owns the store has been complaining for some time about the nuisance value and the careless mail system. Ford Termaine, courier for R.R.#1, Hespeler, used to dump the mail on his counter for thirty five families.

Everyone would come in and sort through everyone else’s letters to find their own.

It was a nuisance having letters mixed up with a dozen oranges or a pound of cheese. Emerson wrote in to headquarters in London with some suggestions as to what the post office department could do with their mail. Last week along came a big crate and a post office inspector. This, he was told, was the answer to the problems. Have the mail carrier put the letters in outdoor boxes. Boxholders could come at any time of day or night.

The system could possibly spread to other new areas which are presently served by a general store and post office combined. There has been a move to cut down hours in rural areas. This would be the answer to any inconvenience to boxholders, if the system works at Glen Christie.

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