Typewriters are Extinct and so Should Funding to the Cambridge Visitors Centre

I was surprised to read in the Cambridge Times that according Councillor Wolf taxpayers of Cambridge pay $265,400 to the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce to run the Cambridge Visitor Information Centre.

In these modern times there is no need for the City to be paying for something that has been replaced by phones, internet, apps, google. Even seniors have embraced modern technology.

I have never met anyone that has stopped at the Cambridge Visitors Centre. I have been past that centre numerous times over the years and have never seen anyone in the parking lot.

We don't buy typerwriters anymore and we sure shouldn't be spending $265,400. on this outdated way of telling people about Cambridge.

When I inquired at City Hall I was told there was no breakdown of how this money is being spent by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. This is simply not acceptable practice to handout that much money and not receive an itemized list of where the money went.

It is my opinion that this funding should be eliminated from the city budget.

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