Piso’s Cure for Consumption - tuberculosis

Piso's Cure for Consumption - Hazelton Co.

Piso's Cure for Consumption.

We were removing our cistern from the basement and we found a couple interesting bottles. This one is well known in the medical fraud world. Here is a summary of stuff I found on the internet about Piso's Cure for Consumption.

 According to the January 2007 edition of “The Potomac Pontil,” a newsletter published by the Potomac Bottle Collectors, Ezra T. Hazeltine arrived in the northwest Pennsylvania town of Warren, on the Allegheny River, in 1860.  He began selling homemade medications and in 1864, with the help of a local doctor, created “Piso’s Cure for Consumption” (tuberculosis).  In 1869, he founded the Piso Company to market his concoction on a national level.

Piso’s Cure contained at various times opium, morphine, hashish, marijuana, chloroform and alcohol.   The medical profession considered its claim as a “cure” to be fraudulent, but not surprisingly, it became one of America’s best-selling patent drugs.

Samual Adams takes on Piso's "Cure"

Things went south for the Hazelton Company and Piso's Cure when Samual Adams in 1907 did an article titled, The Great American Fraud - Articles on the Nostrum Evil and Quacks, which exposed the Piso'c Cure for the fraud it was. Here is a LINK to read that article. The resulting legislation and regulation of the industry resulting in the change of name of Piso's Cure and removal of many of its toxic ingredients.

For further reading, here is an excellent article on the history of the company.

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