Greyhound Bus From Cambridge: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

It had been about 10 months since I have taken the Greyhound bus from Cambridge into Toronto and here are my thoughts after a recent trip.

1. THE GOOD - My bus was on time leaving and departing. Although many google reviews of Greyhound Cambridge-Toronto route were negative regarding on-time performance my experience was positive on this issue. It probably helped I left in the middle of the morning and returned after rush hour.

2. THE BAD - Amazingly Greyhound still requires you to have a paper ticket. Not sure why they have a bar code on the ticket since nobody scans it. Hard to justify in this day and age that Greyhound cannot go paperless.

Although my ride to Toronto was relatively smooth, I must have had an old bus on the way back. The suspension/shocks were in need of replacement. It felt like I was on a school bus.

3. THE UGLY -  As a private company Greyhound can set schedules that fit their needs. Unfortunately for the over 500,000 people in the Waterloo Region (including the 130,000 people that live in Cambridge) there is no option to take Greyhound into Toronto for a sports event, theatre or just evening out in the big city.

The last bus out of Toronto to Cambridge is 9:30pm which is too early because events run later than that. Greyhound used to have a later bus leaving from Toronto during the summer and they cancelled it all together. Ironically, Greyhound personnel  have stated  that ridership on the late night bus was strong.

The provincial government is reviewing the current bus regulations in Ontario. Changes must be made to allow our own public carrier GO TRANSIT to provide a service that Greyhound refuses to do.

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