The Hespeler Pedestrian Bridge That Never Will Be

The Hespeler Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project is underway to put in a new sewer line from the treatment plant for the folks in Silverheights.

I like many other were amazed to see a bridge built across the Speed River just past the dam where Lens Mills currently is. Two large sewer pipes travel over the bridge. It seems very well built with concrete foundations.

Unfortunately once the sewer project is over the bridge will be removed. It is private land that the bridge end at on the Lens Mills side.

It seems odd that the long planned pedestrian bridge across the Mill Pond dam in Hespeler will not be built due to the doomed and underfunded Hespeler River Activation Plan, yet they can build (to the tune of over $3million) a bridge and sewer line to carry human waste..........

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