Bring Back Inner City Passenger Rail to Hespeler - Light Rail for Hespeler

Abandoned rail corridor still intact waiting for the return of inner city passenger rail to Hespeler

The abandoned Galt, Preston Railway (CPR) line leading up to where the station was in Hespeler behind Ernie's Resturant is still there waiting for the Waterloo Region ION Light Rail to bring people to Hespeler's rejuvenated downtown core.

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) station in Hespeler, Ontario was constructed circa 1896 as a passenger and freight terminal building for the Galt, Preston and Hespeler (GP&H) Railway. The interurban rail line carried passengers and freight for over a half a century between  Galt, Preston and Hespeler.

For thousands of people travelling to and from work and for leisure was done riding on the GPH&H interurban rail cars.

The traffic congestion nightmare we face today will only get worse in the future.

 The fact you could simply get on the interurban rail car and ride to Waterloo or south to Port Dover in the past seems hard to comprehend today. What a mess we as a society have made by becoming an auto dependent culture.

I would be excited for the community of Hespeler if I could leave my car at home and take the new ION light rail to Kitchener and Waterloo and south to Galt.

Count me in. I want light rail.

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