Hespeler's Hidden Secret - The Coombe Orphanage 1905-1947

On this website I have made available on the My Books tab the booklet "Hespeler's Hidden Secret - The Coombe Orphanage 1905-1947". I wrote this booklet about the receiving home for children in Hespeler Ontario for youth that came from Smyly Homes in Ireland.

I used to do public presentations on the booklets when they were released. I recently found the slide presentation of the the Coombe book. Enjoy viewing it and feel free to share it with friends.


  1. Would you know if there are records available of the names of the children who lived at the Coombe Orphanage? Thank you, Bob Durnford. solaceworks@sympatico.ca

    1. both my parents spent some time at the Coombe in the late 30s early 40s. Both relayed very different stories of life their.
      my dad Donald (Duke) Lethbridge passed away in 1989 .my moms maiden name was shirley taylor