Cambridge Goes Beer Crazy with Six Craft Breweries

Cambridge Goes Beer Crazy with Six Craft Breweries

Grand River Brewery

Grand River Brewery
Long before the craft brewery became all so fashionable in Cambridge there was Grand River Brewery. In 2007, owners Bob & Jane Hanenberg  moved into the former factory building of Galt Knife Company and renovated it. They have a wide assortment of beers, including seasonal beers.

Recently they have renovated their lobby. Favourites from our beer connoisseur are the Russian Stout and Curmudeon IPA. They are located at 295 Ainslie St S, Cambridge, ON N1R 3L3 Check out all Grand River Brewery has to offer at

The New Breed

In the course of two years, five more breweries are opening up in Cambridge and we love it!  Barncat Artisan Ales and North Works Brewing Company are already open and Four Fathers and Rhythm and Brews Breweries are set to open this fall. Here is quick rundown.

Barncat breweries

Barncat  Artisan Ales

They are part of a new breed of craft breweries. They set up shop in a strip plaza in an industrial area are open on Fridays and Saturdays only. Forget about the ambience it is all about the beer at Barncat.
 They are located at 1600 Industrial Rd b5, Cambridge, ON N3H 4W5. Please go to their website to see what they are brewing.

North Works Brewery

North Works Brewing Company

Similar in style to Barncat in their no frills approach. Located also in a strip mall and open only weekends they too also put all their focus on the beer. They are open Friday through Sunday. 
They are located at 46 Stafford Ct b, Cambridge, ON N1T 1B3 . Their website is sparse, call first and see what they are brewing!

four fathers

Four Fathers Brewery

When we announced Four Father Brewery was moving to Hespeler our blog went crazy with our 6,000 hits. Seems Hespeler folks like their beer and are looking forward to when Four Fathers opens up on Guelph Avenue.  Curtis Jeffrey has recently been hired to the position of Head Brewer. Four Father is busy making the rounds at craft brewery festivals around Ontario. Our only question is when are you opening up in Hespeler! Check out their website at

rhythm and brews

Rhythm and Brews Brewery

Personally, I am most excited about the opening of Rhythm and Brews Brewery. At first it seems similar to other craft breweries located in a strip mall at 1000 Bishop Street North. But as the name suggests it will be more than a brewery. It will  have a stage and feature a wide variety of live entertainment. Last time we looked in the windows it still had a way to go to be finished but we love the idea! Their website is very basic at  

jackass brewing

Jackass Brewing

The latest to join the Cambridge craft beer phenomenon is Jackass Brewing Company. Brothers Wayne and Keith own the brewery. They are growing fast: having moved from their garage into their own facility within 6 months. They are hoping to be ready for a November opening.

The location of their facility is 100 Sheldon Drive, Unit 36. Their website is

All these breweries have facebook pages that in most cases has more information than their websites, so check them out there for more information. I hope we can support all these new breweries in Cambridge!

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