School Board Responds to Galt Collegiate Amphitheatre and Tassie Hall Fiasco

GCI Amphitheatre

On July 7th the Waterloo Region district school board responded in writing to the mounting criticism of their failure to ensure the maintenance of the Galt Collegiate Amphitheatre and Tassie Hall.

The letter outlines the investment in maintaining Tassie Hall. The letter states that Tassie Hall is "A highly functional theatre space".

It is ironic that GCI principle Beverly Wood and WRDSB Controller Ian Gaudet (who is responsible for the school board response) have both stated this "highly functional space" is too delicate for the public to use and cannot be rented at night. It is functional for the students during the day.

I would like to give an analogy related to the use of GCI gyms. What if the gyms were only available to the students during the day but were not able to the public at night for rentals due to their delicate condition? Would the school board still call these gyms "highly functional"?

The letter has a one paragraph on the state of the  Amphitheatre. It is hard for the board to defend the amphitheatre that they have let go for over a decade and is in a tragic state of disrepair. There is a study underway to decide to keep it or demolish it.  The study is twenty years too late. I would be surprised if the board restored the amphitheatre to a usable condition.

For a large photo of the Amphitheatre CLICK HERE.

Stay tuned, we will get a copy of the Amphitheatre study once it is done.

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